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Diminutive forms with +‎ -y.


  • (file)

Proper noun[edit]

the Speccy

  1. (informal) The Spectator, a British current-affairs magazine.
    • 2007, Richard Littlejohn, Littlejohn's Britain (page 208)
      It's a while since I wrote anything for the Speccy, so I wouldn't know.

Alternative forms[edit]


Speccy (plural Speccies)

  1. (computing, colloquial, chiefly UK) A Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer.
    • 1991, Stuart Campbell, "The YS Top 100 Speccy Games of All Time (Ever!)" (in Your Sinclair magazine)
      TETRIS (Mirrorsoft)
      Yes, it's the game that makes Amiga and ST owners look at your Spectrum with real jealousy, 'cos the Speccy version of this classic Russian reaction-tester out performs the 16-bit ports every time.
    • 1992, Larry Horsfield, The SU Guide to Playing and Writing Adventure Games (in Sinclair User magazine, issue 128, October 1992)
      Before you sit down in front of your Speccy to play an adventure, equip yourself with a pencil, eraser and plenty of paper. This so that you may draw a 'map' of the adventure as you move around.
    • 1998, "Bongo", Emulation under threat (yes, Speccies too) (on newsgroup comp.sys.sinclair)
    • 2003, Rusel DeMaria, Johnny L. Wilson, High Score!: The Illustrated History of Electronic Games
      Developers wasted no time making games for the Speccy.

Related terms[edit]