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From late Middle High German *staziōn (attested as statziān), from Latin statio; see there for cognates.


  • IPA(key): /ʃtaˈt͡si̯oːn/
  • (file)


Station f (genitive Station, plural Stationen, diminutive Statiönchen n)

  1. stop; stopover; station (a place where one stops on the way; the act of stopping itself)
    Synonym: Halt
  2. station (area equipped to serve as a regular stop; compare usage notes below)
    Synonym: Haltestelle
  3. station (place where workers are stationed, e.g. a weather station or space station)
  4. ward (division in a hospital)

Usage notes[edit]

  • In the context of traffic, Station is usually a synonym of Halt (stop): An der nächsten Station steige ich aus. (I’m getting off at the next stop.) It may also be used for Haltestelle, meaning a bus stop or similar small station. However, an actual train station with several rails and staffed facilities is always called Bahnhof.



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