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TMI (countable and uncountable, plural TMIs)

  1. (chemistry) trimethylindium, the most preferred metallorganic source of Indium used in MOCVD of compound semiconductors for opto-electronics applications.
  2. (informal) Too much information, an expression indicating that someone has divulged too much personal information or mentioned a taboo topic, and therefore made the listener/viewer uncomfortable.
    He began to talk about his last trip to the underwear store. I told him, TMI!
    When Chris updated his status with "just ate entirely too much. Should make for a great bm to share with someone later," I thought it was TMI.
  3. (psychology) transmarginal inhibition, an organism’s response to overwhelming stimuli.
  4. (video, color correction) Temperature, Magenta/Green levels, and Intensity
  5. (Solar System astrodynamics) trans-Mars injection, an orbital burn (rocket firing) used to change orbit from local orbit, to a Mars transfer orbit (a Solar orbit that will intercept the planet Mars).

Usage notes[edit]

  • In the sense "too much information" TMI is one of the few abbreviations that migrated from the computer screen into spoken language and is now an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary.

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(trans-Mars injection):

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