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TMI (countable and uncountable, plural TMIs)

  1. (chemistry) trimethylindium, the most preferred metallorganic source of Indium used in MOCVD of compound semiconductors for opto-electronics applications.
  2. (informal) Too much information, an expression indicating that someone has divulged too much personal information or mentioned a taboo topic, and therefore made the listener/viewer uncomfortable.
    He began to talk about his last trip to the underwear store. I told him, TMI!
    When Chris updated his status with "just ate entirely too much. Should make for a great bm to share with someone later," I thought it was TMI.
  3. (psychology) transmarginal inhibition, an organism’s response to overwhelming stimuli.
  4. (video, color correction) Temperature, Magenta/Green levels, and Intensity
  5. (Solar System astrodynamics) trans-Mars injection, an orbital burn (rocket firing) used to change orbit from local orbit, to a Mars transfer orbit (a Solar orbit that will intercept the planet Mars).

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