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TPU (countable and uncountable, plural TPUs)

  1. (uncountable, organic chemistry) Initialism of thermoplastic polyurethane, a type of plastic.
  2. (countable, computer hardware) Initialism of Tensor Processing Unit, a circuit optimized for neural network machine learning.
    Coordinate terms: CPU, GPU
    • 2019, “Scaling Analysis of Specialized Tensor Processing Architectures for Deep Learning Models”, in Witold Pedrycz; Shyi-Ming Chen, editors, Deep Learning: Concepts and Architectures, Springer Nature, →ISBN, page 73:
      The GPU and TPU computing resources were used to investigate the influence of hardware-supported quantization on performance of the DNNs.

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TPU (first-person possessive TPUku, second-person possessive TPUmu, third-person possessive TPUnya)

  1. Abbreviation of tempat pemakaman umum.