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I have removed the following from the main page for one of two reasons, either they don't actually include the term, or they include mention as opposed to use. [The]DaveRoss 23:18, 2 March 2008 (UTC)

*1922, Mary Proctor, Legends of the Stars
*: "In China it was customary at one time for the ladies of the Court, on the seventh day of the seventh month, to catch spiders and put them in incense-boxes for purposes of   divination."
*1983, Complete Bk Predictions
*: SPIDERS (ARACHNOMANCY) Seeing a spider in the morning - Grief. Seeing a spider at noon - Anxiety. Seeing a spider in the evening - Financial loss. Seeing a spider spinning a web - Some sources say this indicates that there is a plot against you, others that you will receive a gift, probably new clothes.
*Unknown source
*: Arachnomancy, the magick of patterns, established itself many hundreds of years ago, when weaver-women constructed ornate tapestries to chronicle events and myths that shaped  their lives
*(Can we date this quote?) Helene von Oldenburg
*: Arachnomancy explores the biological and cultural evolution of Homo Sapiens with respect to a netbased future, as well as the influence of future Arachnoids. Arachnomancy is inventing a view based on scientific results through disconnecting, rearranging and combining newest results of various scientific research