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Wrestling sense needs more detail[edit]

What kind of move is it? How can it be distinguished from any other wrestling move? Equinox 21:56, 4 October 2016 (UTC)

RFV discussion: November–December 2018[edit]

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"A deadlock." I can see a couple of uses of "putting the deathlock on something" etc., seeming to mean that the thing is paralysed or halted: that's not quite what a deadlock is, because deadlock implies that neither side has supremacy, but they are equally matched. So the definition might need changing a bit. (BTW, the other "deathlock" sense, a wrestling move, seems that it might not exist outside of "Indian deathlock".) Equinox 02:17, 21 November 2018 (UTC)

I have added a number of other meanings, with cites, but found no evidence of a deadlock. I suspect the editor who added that definition was confused about the meaning of deadlock. (andas for the wrestling move, there is also a "scorpion deathlock", plus I saw a couple of cases where "deathlock" appeared on its own) Kiwima (talk) 20:48, 21 November 2018 (UTC)

RFV-failed Kiwima (talk) 20:17, 23 December 2018 (UTC)