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Some observations:

  • The etymology is outside the articles. It should be part of any article to which it applies. Wiktionary uses one article per language. In this case the Italian and Spanish words are doubtless related. In many articles there are completely unrelated words in different languages with the same spelling. now fixed, thanks
  • The feminine forms for both languages are irregular. They seem to both be based on diminutives. In this case to me that would make these semantic feminines rather than lexical feminines much like the relationship between English man and woman, which we wouldn't include in each other's headword sections.
  • The Danish translation in the Spanish section is probably wrong. It's the Danish word for hen or chicken. I'd be surprised if the beer is sold in Denmark at all, let alone under a different name. — Hippietrail 02:38, 4 Jun 2005 (UTC)