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ASV=, with translation of the American Standard Version:|
NASV=, with translation of the New American Standard Bible:|
DBY|Darby=, with translation of the Darby Bible:|
ESV=, with translation of the English Standard Version:|
JPS=, with translation of the Jewish Publication Society:|
KJV=, with translation of the King James Version:|
NIV=, with translation of the New International Version:|
NWT=, with the New World Translation:|
YLT=, with Young's Literal Translation:|
Pentateuch only: Kaplan=, with translation of Aryeh Kaplan:|

This is for citing the Hebrew Tanach as a source of quotations, and links to the appropriate page on Hebrew Wikisource. Parameters are:

first positional parameter, required
the number of the book, as listed above
second positional parameter, required
the chapter number
third positional parameter, optional
the verse number(s)
t= parameter, optional
the source used for the translation included with the quotation; this currently only takes the values above

The first and second numbered parameters (numbers of the book and of the chapter), if less than 10, can have leading zeroes if desired, or not: they will display correctly. But the verse number(s) will display as typed.

Note also that if t= is absent then the text displayed does not end with a colon (so notes about a source of a translation, or anything else, may be written in), whereas if t= exists then the text ends with a colon.

Example: {{RQ:Tanach|1|2|3–4|t=JPS}} displays as: Genesis 2:3–4, with translation of the Jewish Publication Society: