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gd-noun ?

This is the template to use for all Scottish Gaelic nouns (nominative singular form).

This template contains the necessary meta-data to allow users who are using accelerated editing to create any grammatical forms semi-automatically.


Use this template in Scottish Gaelic entries, directly under the "Noun" header:

==Scottish Gaelic==


# [[dwelling]], [[habitation]]

This template automatically adds pages to Category:Scottish Gaelic nouns.


This template can take various named parameters. See m:Help:Template for help with templates and parameters in general.

{{{g}}} - gender (m or f); when omitted, the entry is categorized in Category:Scottish Gaelic nouns lacking gender.
{{{g2}}}, {{{g3}}} - used when more than one gender parameter is needed.
These numbered {{{g}}} options are used when the noun has more than one gender. It can also be used when the nouns' number must be specified, such as for plurale tantum entries. Acceptable values for the parameter are s, p, m, and f.
{{{gen}}} - genitive form of the noun.
{{{gen2}}}, {{{gen3}}} - used when the noun has more than one genitive form.
{{{pl}}} - plural form of the noun.
{{{pl2}}}, {{{pl3}}} - used when the noun has more than one plural form.
{{{head}}} - optional; used to specify the headword form, especially when parts are to be linked

Note about the plural: Some special values of {{{pl}}} may be used:

 ? : When used, the plural is considered unknown, and no plural is displayed.
- : When used, the noun is considered to have no plural and no plural is displayed in place of a plural form.

Quick guide[edit]

Entry Code Result Notes
àros {{gd-noun | g=m | gen=àrois | pl=àrosan}} àros m (genitive àrois, plural àrosan) standard; all forms present
muir {{gd-noun | g=m | g2=f | gen=mara | pl=marannan}} muir m or f (genitive mara, plural marannan) gender varies according to dialect and/or grammatical case
gineadair {{gd-noun | g=m | gen=gineadair | pl=gineadairean}} gineadair m (genitive gineadair, plural gineadairean) genitive matches headword
balach {{gd-noun | g=m | gen=balaich | pl=balaich}} balach m (genitive and plural balaich) genitive matches nominative plural
sruth {{gd-noun | g=m | gen=sruith | gen2=srutha | pl=sruthan}} sruth m (genitive sruith or srutha, plural sruthan) two genitive forms
tràigh {{gd-noun | g=f | gen=tràighe | gen2=tràgha | gen3=tràghad | pl=tràighean}} tràigh f (genitive tràighe, tràgha or tràghad, plural tràighean) three genitive forms
gath {{gd-noun | g=m | gen=gatha | pl=gathan | pl2=gathannan}} gath m (genitive gatha, plural gathan or gathannan) two plural forms
sròn {{gd-noun | g=f | gen=sròine | pl=srònan | pl2=sròinean | pl3=sròintean}} sròn f (genitive sròine, plural srònan, sròinean or sròintean) three plural forms
òr {{gd-noun | g=m | gen=òir | pl=-}} òr m (genitive òir, no plural) the text "no plural" displayed
corranach {{gd-noun | g=m | gen=corranaich | pl=?}} corranach m (genitive corranaich) no plural displayed
gàirnealaireachd {{gd-noun | g=f}} gàirnealaireachd f no genitive or plural displayed