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Trump +‎ -o- +‎ -nomics


Trumponomics (uncountable)

  1. (not countable) The managerial precepts popularized by Donald Trump in the mid-2000s (decade) in his books and reality TV shows [1]
  1. (not countable) The economic ideas and policies of U.S. businessman and president Donald Trump.
    • 1990, April 9, Martin DeAngelis, "Don't Worry About Donald Trump's Money; Worry About Your Own", The Press of Atlantic City:
      Sure, the guy is by far the biggest employer and financial force in Atlantic City and southern New Jersey and Trumponomics is a major concern to the city and the region.
    • 2005, November 14, Mary Umberger, "Trumponomics 101", Houston Chronicle
    • 2015, August 17, "Donald Trump's Economic Muddle", Qatar Tribune:
      While Trump has not provided specifics much beyond the 'Make America Great Again' slogan featured on his often-present baseball cap, strands of Trumponomics have trickled out amid the stream of braggadocio and ad-hominem attacks on his critics.
    • 2015, December 15, Matthew Lynn, "Whoever wins the US presidency, the economy is going to be the loser", The Daily Telegraph:
      The trouble is, the choice is a dismal one. If you think Corbynomics is wacky, take a look at Trumponomics.
    • 2016, March 4, Chris Roycroft-Davis, "His economic plan could be a trump card for Donald", The Express (London)
      ONE of The Donald's trump cards, if you will forgive the pun, is the economy - what he calls Trumponomics. In the finest traditions of the Republican Party he would take an axe to tax.
    • 2016 April 9, awouk [username], “Paul Krugman Blog: Why Cruz Is Worse Than Trump”, in soc.retirement, Usenet[1]:
      Yes, I know there`s a Moody`s study claiming that Trumponomics would be a yuuge job destroyer, but I really don`t know where they got that result; the best guess seems to be that they`re assuming that former spending on imports just goes away, which is not a good assumption.
    • 2016, June 21, John Cassidy, "Getting Serious About Trumponomics", The New Yorker:
      Trumponomics consists of three main elements: big tax cuts that are skewed toward the rich; drastic immigration reform, including the deportation of millions of undocumented workers; and protectionist measures, like hefty tariffs on goods from China and Mexico.
    • 2016 July 4, Paul Krugman, "Trump, Trade and Workers", The New York Times
      Of course, that’s what they all say. But Trumponomics goes beyond the usual Republican assertions that cutting taxes on corporations and the rich, ending environmental regulation and so on will conjure up the magic of the marketplace and make everyone prosper.
    • 2017 January 26, M. Nicolas J. Firzli, "'Understanding Trumponomics'", Revue Analyse Financière
      Just like Teddy Roosevelt before them, Donald J. Trump, Lou Dobbs and other proponents of Trumponomics seem to admire the fierce economic efficiency of Wilhelmine Germany – notably the notion that only the coordinated efforts of a strong, centralized government working hand-in-hand with ‘big business’ can generate trade surpluses over a sustained period.

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  • ^ for the managerial and reality TV roots of the term see notably: M. Nicolas J. Firzli : 'Understanding Trumponomics', Revue Analyse Financière, 26 January 2017 – Supplement to Issue N°62