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Alternative forms[edit]


1944, from Ukrainian україніка (ukrajínika), influenced by Latin ukrainica.


Ukrainica (uncountable)

  1. (Slavistics) Literature about Ukraine or Ukrainians, especially about Ukrainian culture, language, or literature.
    • 1944, The Ukrainian Quarterly, v 1, Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, p 89:
      Ukrainica in American Periodicals [section title]
    • 1957, Books Abroad, v 31, University of Oklahoma, p 439:
      Yaroslav Rudnyc’kyj, head of the Department of Slavic Studies at the University of Manitoba, came to the United States in mid-year of 1956 to make a study of the Ukrainian holdings at the Library of Congress and to organize an exhibit of rare Ukrainica in that institution.
    • 1978, James Howard Fraser ed., Society & Children's Literature, D.R. Godine, p 89:
      The central children's room of the New York Public Library has as well a sampling of that Ukrainica published in New York City.
    • 2001, David H. Stam ed., International Dictionary of Library Dictionaries, v 2, Taylor & Francis, p 593:
      The following specialized divisions were created: periodicals, Ukrainica, manuscripts, old printed books, Oriental, cartography, and ephemera (advertisements, placards).

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