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From Urheber (author) +‎ Recht (right).


  • IPA(key): /ˈʔuːɐ̯heːbɐʁɛçt/
  • (file)


Urheberrecht n (strong, genitive Urheberrechtes or Urheberrechts, plural Urheberrechte)

  1. (law) copyright

Usage notes[edit]

  • 2015, Daniel Hoppe-Jänisch, IP Assignment Clauses in International Employment Contracts, Lexology, 9:
    European copyright systems provide for a stronger connection between the copyright and the author of the protected work. This makes sense if one considers that even though the German Urheberrecht or the French droit d’auteur are often translated as copyright, the literal translation is author’s right. It comprises not only proprietary rights but also moral rights. In many European jurisdictions, only the proprietary rights are assignable; in others, copyrights, including the proprietary rights, cannot be assigned at all but authors may only grant others a license to exploit the protected work. Moral rights are usually not assignable and can be waived only to a limited extent.


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