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Ancient Greek[edit]



ἀτελής m, ἀτελής f, ἀτελές n; third declension; (atelēs)

  1. not brought to an end or issue, unaccomplished  
    1. incomplete, unfinished, without end or purpose  
    2. inchoate, imperfect  
    3. never-ending  
    4. indeterminate  
  2. (active), not bringing to an end, not accomplishing one's purpose, ineffectual, unable to do effectually, invalid  
    1. not giving accomplishment to  
      • Pindar, Pythian 5.62.μαντεύμασι, (a thing, .)
  3. ( τέλος IV) free from tax or tribute, exempt  
      1. of things, untaxed  
        • Demosthenes, Public Orations 34.36.ἀ τὸν σῖτον ἐξάγειν
        • Demosthenes, Public Orations 42.18.ὅσα οἱ νόμοι ἀ πεποιήκασιν
    1. of sums, without deduction, nett  
      • Xenophon, On Revenues 4.14.ὀβολὸς ἀ. an obol clear gain, , (sq.)
      • Demosthenes, Public Orations 27.9.τριάκοντα μνᾶς ἀτελεῖς ἐλάμβανε τοῦ ἐνιαυτοῦ
    2. not costly  
      • Sophocles, Fragments 268
      • 29
      • Pausanias (scholar), Fr. 305
  4. ( τέλος v) uninitiated, prob. unmarried  
    • Homeric Hymns: Demeter 481.ἱερῶν, (c. gen.,)
    • Defixionum Tabellae quotquot innotuerunt 68a, (: metaph.,)
    • Module:Quotations:284: attempt to compare number with nil