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Alternative forms[edit]


in- +‎ effectual


ineffectual (comparative more ineffectual, superlative most ineffectual)

  1. Unable or insufficient to produce effect.
    Synonyms: futile; see also Thesaurus:futile
    • 1865, Henry David Thoreau, Cape Cod, Chapter II. "Stage-coach Views", page 16.
      This coach was an exceedingly narrow one, but as there was a slight spherical excess over two on a seat, the driver waited till nine passengers had got in, without taking the measure of any of them, and then shut the door after two or three ineffectual slams, as if the fault were all in the hinges or the latch,—while we timed our inspirations and expirations so as to assist him.
    • 1964 July, “News and Comment: The Broad Street-Richmond line”, in Modern Railways, page 17:
      Until the recent rash of North London line maps appeared on station billboards in the London area of BR, the service undoubtedly suffered from meagre and ineffectual publicity.
  2. Worthless; ineffective.
  3. Weak, indecisive; lacking forcefulness.
    Our group leader proved highly ineffectual, caving to every whim put forth by the other members.


Related terms[edit]