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This bot is run under the supervision of User:Matthias Buchmeier. The purpose of this bot is the generation of conjugated form of Spanish verbs, especially verb with irregular conjugation.

You can feed the bot with new verbs HERE!


The bot analyzes the conjugation table at the verbs pages and generates corresponding Template:es-verb form of template lines, which are sorted and entries for the verb forms generated. The bot will then upload the pages. The code is at User:BuchmeierBot/code.

Pages, that already have a respective language section will not be uploaded. Verbs with defective conjugation and refelexive conjugated forms are currently not supported.

Sample Pages[edit]

I have generated sample conjugated verb form entries for these verbs: cerrar, seguir

Portuguese verb forms[edit]

I have modified the Bot-code in order to be able to generate Portuguese verb forms. Sample pages have been generated for the verbs: trocar, erguer, sair.

Kurdish verb forms[edit]

The Bot will upload Kurdish verb form entries, generated by User:George Animal via templates. The feed for Kurdish pages is User:BuchmeierBot/FeedMe-Kurdish.