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I've been studying Korean, on and off, for about 30 years. I also took two semesters of college Japanese (ありがと, benkyo shimash'tanga zenbu wasuremashita).

I'm user #21 here, and user #188 at Wikipedia.

This year, I upgraded my home Internet access, so I've become a lot more active here. My primary interest is Korean vocabulary. 감사합니다.

Korean words[edit]

I'd like to contribute the following Korean words:

Korean English
모자 hat
사과 apple
가다 to go
오다 to come
신문 newspaper
고양이 cat
지동차 car

First I have to make sure they're not already in the dictionary. Then I have to get them in the right format; maybe a template can help.

Also what about the back-translation from English to Korean?

Frequency list[edit]

Look at this Korean word frequency list which is in alphabetical order. The first column looks like some kind of word count. The second column is Korean words.