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Fastluck: [n] A combination of the words "fast" and "luck", first combined as a handle used in the game F/A-18 Stealth Fighter, later used on dialup bulletin board systems, and finally as an email address. The rare other users of this word (including the pop group) are derivative of my original and unprecedented use that dates back to 1986 or '87, during the week of the F/A-18 game's release on the Commodore 64 platform. Why am I telling you this? Simple--it's something to write. Besides, nobody asked me what it meant before.

I read avidly (no, obsessively) as a child and developed an intuitive feel for words and their meanings, picked up by osmosis from their context in books written by Louis L'Amour, Zane Grey, Stephen R. Donaldsen and hosts of others. I guess that makes me qualified...hmmm.....

Now I'm employed full-time as a software engineer. At work, I'm a Windows guy, but at home I'm trying to learn more about Linux. I spend my off hours in this eclectic collection of pursuits: shooting rabbits, puttering around in my garden, playing Unreal Tournament and other video games, and collecting and restoring classic computers like the HP-85 and Compaq Proliant dinosaurs. I'm trying to become a part of the Wiktionary community because I'm ego-famished.

John Reynolds of Tijeras (Albuquerque area), New Mexico.