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headword-line sh-PoS templates need revamping:

  • Module:sh-translit should support two-way Cyrillic<->Latin conversion, detection of script (transliterating to script other than that detected), and removal of diacritics for accents
    This would enable us to get rid of three additional parameters, e.g.
    should become instead:
    Corner cases such as nadživjeti where diphonemic -dž- does not transliterate to Cyrillic џ should be handled by encoding such as {dž}, e.g.
    Script detection code should be reusable in all templates that currently have sc= parameter (e.g. inflection tables)
  • head= parameter is superfluous and should be removed
  • {{sh-adj}} should have a named parameter for related adverbs, e.g. adv=, similar to {{lv-adj}}, possibly more than one (adv=, adv2=, adv3=, adv4=)
    adverbs derived thusly should have in their headword line a back-link to the main noun, e.g. adverbial form of <x>
  • {{sh-adj}} and {{sh-noun}} should have a parameter indecl=true for indeclinable adjectives and nouns (e.g. jorgovani, do)
  • {{sh-adj}} should have alternative parameters in case of multiple accented forms for definite and comparative forms, e.g. bȉstroūman can have definite form both bȉstroūmnī and bistròūmnī. slȃn has both slànijī and slȁnjī as a comparative. Suggested parameter names: def=, def2=, def3=, def4=, comp=, comp2=, comp3=, comp4=. Variant parameters with an "_a" (def_a=, com_a=) are unnecessary due to diacritic removal
  • {{sh-noun}} should have a named parameter for relative/possesive adjectives in -ov, -ev, -in, -ski etc., adj=, adj2=, adj3=, adj4=
    adjectives derived thusly should have in their headword linea a back-link to the main noun, e.g. relative/possesive form of <x>
  • {{sh-noun}} for agentive nouns of masculine gender could have the corresponding feminine agentive noun linked directly in the headword, and vice versa, i.e. -ac/-ica, -ak/-akinja etc. These are very useful to learn in pair, and when creating/maintaining entries to remind editors to create/edit both.
    proposed parameters: agent-fem, agent-fem2=, ..., agent-fem4, agent-masc, agent-masc2=, ..., agent-masc4=
  • {{sh-verb}} should have a named parameter for perfectiveness, e.g. aspect= (acccepting values, "pf", "impf", "pf-impf" for "perfective", "imperfective" and "perfective and imperfective" respetively.
  • For verbs that are not both perfective and imperfective, verbs of opposite perfectiveness should be added. In some cases there are multiple such forms so multiple parameters should be provided, e.g. pf=, pf2=, pf3=..., impf=, impf2=, impf3=..... For cases where their is no opposite-perfectiveness variant, and suffixal derivations (perhaps many) are used instead, "special" code should be used {deriv} generating string For perfective forms see derived terms or For imperfecive forms see derived terms.
  • all PoS templates should accept variant forms with different accents as unnamed parameters, concatenated with string "or". E.g. for adio {{sh-interjection|adȉo|àdio}} should generate:
    adȉo or àdio (Cyrillic spelling ади̏о or а̀дио)
  • add posttonic lenghts to to adjectival declension templates desinences sh-adj-*. Add support for multiple stems with different accents. In case a stem with no accents is provided default to desinences without macrons.
  • If the word is Croatian-only (meaning no Cyrillic), all PoS templates should accept paramater Cyrl=no.
  • Cyrillic script spelling should always come as the first term, next to the headword
  • new policy - all variant spellings should redirect to the most common form via {{alternative form of}}
    this extends to imperfective forms of perfective verbs who share the same set of meaning, use {{imperfective form of}}. This template needs to support multiple base forms (max 4), supporting cases such as prodirati being imperfective form of both prodrijeti and prodreti.
    if there are additional meanings listed in the imperfective sense, they are listed below the line with {{alternative form of}}
    if some meanings are the same and some not, template {{alternative form of}} is not used at all and all meanings are copied
    Alternatively expand the functionality of {{alternative form of}} to accept multiple meaning glosses
    the only exceptions are cases such as šmrkati vs. šmrknuti, where the imperfective form is more common, should serve as the main one, and the perfective form shuld redirect to it via {{perfective form of}}.
    If an an alternative form resolves to multiple equivalent lemmata (e.g. Ijekavian/Ekavian variants), two definition lines with {{imperfective form of}} or {{alternative form of}} should appear, one below another.
  • for all verbs build a list of active and past participles, and verbal nouns. All of them would need separate entries with inflection, pronunciation etc., but soft-redirecting to the main lemma.
    Use: {{past active participle of}}, {{past passive participle of}}, {{verbal noun of}}
  • convert all usexes to {{usex}} format
  • {{sh inflection of}} similar to {{inflection of}} but with support for animacy and definiteness for adjectives. Also support for verbs modeled after {{conjugation of}}
  • {{sh-adverb}} should have comparative and superlative listed, if it exists, comp=, superl=
  • each PoS template should have Ijekavian-ness displayed in the headword line via a parameter (empty if the word does not contain a jat reflex, in which case nothing is displayed). SC-specific appendix should be made where these displayed labels would link to. Accepted values: Ekavian, Ijekavian, Ekavian, Ekaviand and Ijekavian. Appendix should also contain explanations for: Čakavian, Kajkavian, regional, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, nonstandard.
  • in the utilities module add a function to chop off the infinitive ending and vowel - would eliminate two parameters (, f1.stem) in {{sh-conj}}