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Juxo from Finland (UTC+2). Geek with a diffrence, CS drop-out. Talk to me.

Here be gateway to 5,264,240 words in 932 dictionaries indexed - if you need it

Really current raving now that we have a multitude of wiki[edit]

What I propose that someone of you who has bots to command should consider implementing the following

  • Let's look up what every language name is in every language
  • Look up what's ===Translations=== or similar expression that the bot can spot the translations area in each language
  • map the language names and language codes
  • parametrise a bot to crawl the wiktionaries linking en:Word Translations to *Finnish: sana and *Swedish: ord and so forth and vice versa from other languages to English

So by locating "*Language" or *Language in section titled Translations the bot would determine to look for the word "sana" in and upon success (the target exists) links to it and hides the namespace.

Could someone with knowledge on wikibots assess the feasibility of such a scheme? Once a full round is done on all wiktionaries the bot should focus looking at new entries and linking them as they appear.

I see no harm in this kind of automation, it would actually help weed out stupid jokes and give more precision on nyances as the thesauri could be surfed translanguage.

Semi-Current stuff[edit]

Past ravings[edit]

Wheew. There's just so much to do in developing Wiktionary.

Translation interest:

I started contributing on 21.02.2003, because I believe that having a fairly complete free multilingual dictionary in every language will make the World a better place.

I'll do mostly English-Finnish-English, maybe some other stuff too.

I know Finnish and English well.
I know moderatelly Swedish and Russian
I know some in French and German

I believe that by the year 2023, Wiktionary will be the dictionary of the planet.