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fireplace pokers fireplace trivet firepower kill firepower mobility fireproof building fireproof measure fireproofing agents fireproofing tests fires and fire hazards fires that ravaged it's coast fireside chat fireside chats firestick farming firestop mortar firestop mortars firestop pillows firethorn tree firewall pinhole firewall states firewood patrols firework display firework displays firework rockets firework show fireworks competition fireworks display fireworks displays fireworks explosion fireworks factory explodes fireworks show fireworks stand firing arc firing cannon salute firing cannon salutes firing chamber firing control systems firing mechanism firing modes firing order firing pattern firing patterns firing pin firing pin block firing pin block safety firing pin or striker firing pins firing platform firing points firing ports firing range firing ranges firing rate firing solution firing squad firing squad synchronization problem firing squads firing step firing system firing tables firing temperatures firing-squad execution firm ball firm front firm managers firm offer firm production firm tofu firm-specific human capital firm-specific infrastructure firma burgi firmament of heaven firming agent firms of solicitors firmware code firmware upgrade first "Happy time" first "football clubs" first "international" first 11 women into priesthood first 12 non-Brazilians first 13 elections first 15 elections first 16-bit processor first 20 minutes of the universe first 25 elections first 28 elections first 7" first actor first actualization first adaptation first administration first advent first adventure first aerial circumnavigation first aerial crossing first affirmative rebuttal first affirmative speaker first aid first aid kit first aid kits first aid post first aid posts first aid pouch first aid service first aider first aiders first aids first air combat mission first air raid first air-conditioned double-decker bus first air-dropped bomb first air-dropped bombs first aircraft design first aired first airplane take-off from a warship first album first album in seven years first album of the same name first all-inclusive general election first amendment first amendment rights first among equals first and deputy first minister first and most famous first and oldest football clubs first and second category first and second declension adjective first and second districts first and second film first and second law first and second metatarsal first and second person first and second world war first and third base first and third person first and third persons first animated series first anime first anime series first anime's first original soundtrack first anniversary of the attack first anniversary of the attacks first antennae first appearance first appearance in the playoffs first appearances first appeared first appearing first appears first applications first approximation first arcade game first arch first archaeologists first armed clashes first arrangement may be found here first arrondissement first ascended first ascensionist first ascent first ascentionist first ascents first assassination attempt first assessment report first assistant director first at the box office first atom bomb test first atomic bomb first atomic bomb blast first atomic explosion first atomic weapon first atomic weapons to be used in a military action first attack first attempt first attempt a year earlier failed first attempt of independence first attempt to remove the ban on divorce first attorney general first autobiography first autocrat first automatic electronic digital computer first ball first ballade first ballot first band first base first base coach first base open first base side first baseman first baseman's glove first basemen first bass first battle first battle fought first battle of the war first battles first be elected first big-label album first bill first birth control pill first birth control pills first black first black player first blood match first bombardment of first bombing first bond novel first book first book in the series first book of preludes first book of the series first book printed first books first born first box set first boxed set first branchial first branchial arch first break-in first brick building first bridge first brillouin zone first browser war first building of offices for congressmen first by-election first cabinet first caliphate first caliphs first call first call vehicle first camp first campaign first campaign for president first cap first cartoon series first cataract first category first cause first cause argument first causes first cell first cello concerto first cello sonata first census first central government first century first century BC first cervical nerve first cervical vertebra first chamber first championship first chart week first chechen war first child-next sibling binary tree first chromosome first circumnavigation of the world by air first city theatre first civil war first civil war's first civilizations first clamshell first clashes of ironclads first class first class airport first class cabin first class cadet first class career first class cars first class century first class city first class constraints first class control first class cricket first class cricketer first class degree first class functions first class game of cricket first class games first class honours first class honours degree first class lexical closures first class mail first class match first class matches first class run aggregate first class township first climbed first climber first close first coalition first cohort first colonies first come, first choice first come, first serve first come, first served first comic book appearance first coming first commandment first commemorative first commercial oral contraceptive first commercial radio station first commercial reprocessing plant first communicants first communion first communist revolution first competition first competitive flight first complex multicelled lifeforms first computer worm first concert tour first concerto first concrete street in the world first conference of internationalists first confirmed glacier first congress first congressional district first conjecture first conjugation first consonant first constituted first constitution first constitutional first constitutional era first constitutional hurdle first consulate first contact first contraceptive pill first contraceptive pills first convention first count first countability first countable first country with nuclear weapons first couple first cousin first cousin four times removed first cousin once removed first cousin once-removed first cousin thrice removed first cousin twice removed first cousin-once-removed first cousins first cousins once removed first created first crew first cricket test first critical field first crops domesticated first crusade first cuneiform first cuneiform bone first curtain wall first customs regulations first cycle first dance first dancer first daughter first day first day cover first day covers first day issue first day motions first day of broadcast first day of each week first day of issue first day of issues first day of the battle first day of the week first day of the year first day of war first day's fighting first debate first decade first decade of the 20th century first declension first degree first degree assault first degree burn first degree burns first degree heart block first degree murder first degree price discrimination first demo first democratic election first democratic elections first democratic multi-party elections first democratic presidential election first demos first deployed first derivative first derivative test first detected first difference first difference of normal stresses first digit first digital computer first dimension first direct first direct election first direct elections first direct, democratic elections first directly-elected parliament first discourse first distinctive word first district first division first division team first divorce first done so first dorsal metacarpal first dorsal metatarsal artery first dose phenomenon first dose response first down first down line first downs first draft first drums first duke first duty first dynasty first e-mail worm first earl first earl's first earth satellite first ecumenical council first edition first editions first eight first election first election for chief judge first elections first electric company first electronic games first elementary school first eleven first emerged first emperor first employment contract first enacted first ending theme first engineering college first entry of the series first episode first episode of the radio series first episode of the second season first episode of the second series first episode of the third series first epistle first eruption first estate first event first ever first ever democratic elections first ever draft first ever final first ever football league first ever football tournament first ever international cricket game first ever international cricket match first ever international football match first ever international match first ever season first ever tour first ever tournament first ever wiki first exit time first exit times first expansion first expedition first explored first family first feature film first federal by-election first federal copyright law first federal election first federal elections first federal ministry first female play-by-play football announcer first few seconds of the universe first few words first field manual first fighter unit first figure first film first film adaptation first film in the trilogy first film version first finger first fitna first five first five books first five-eight first five-eighth first five-eighth fly half first five-eighths first five-eighths fly-half first flew first flight first flight around the world first flight to achieve warp speed first flights first floor first flying machine first flying machines first folio first folio collection first football club first football clubs first football world cup first foreign subsidiary first form first formal programming languages first forms of life first four first four books of the series first four centuries first four khulafa' ar-rashidun first four years first free and democratic elections first free ascent first free ascents first free election first free elections first free parliamentary elections first free presidential elections first fruits first full general election first full season first full-length first full-length album first full-length record first fully controlled free-flight first fundamental form first game first game's first games first gap phase first gay bishop first general election first generation first generation antihistamine first generation figure release first generation games first generation immigrants first generation suffragists first goal first gold medal first gospel first government first grade first grade cricket first grader first graders first grades first grand prix first graphic novel volume first great voyage first greatest hits first group first group of prograde irregulars first growth first guitar first gulf war first haircut first haircuts first half first half of the chessboard first half of the sixteenth century first hand first hang glider first harmonic method first heart sound first holy communion first homotopy group first hospital first hour first house first human beings first human landing on the moon first human rights document ever made first hundred days first hundred hours first hunger strike first hurricane first identified first immigration first imperialist world war first imposition first impression first impressions first in first out first in line first in overall points first in the league first in, first out first inaugural address first incarnation first inception first incident first independent government first information report first information reports first installment first installment of the series first instance first instance courts first instance trial first integral of motion first integrals first intention first inter-party government first intercostal nerve first international first international animation festival first international cricket match first international football match first international match first interosseous volaris first introduced first invariant first inversion first ionization energy first island first isolated first isomorphism theorem first issue first jackpot winner first journey first knew first knockout round first known in-flight bombing of a passenger aircraft first known pulsar first known uses of an airplane for bombing first labor first ladies first lady first land choice first landing first language first language acquisition first language or mother tongue first languages first laptop first large scale bank first large-wheeled scooter first law first law heat energy first law of black hole mechanics first law of geography first law of motion first law of planetary motion first law of thermodynamics first laws first lay precept first leadership contest first leadership convention first league first league championship first league football club first league title first leg first legislative session first letter first letters first level first lien first lieutenant first lieutenants first light first limit theorem first line first line in the series first line treatment first live album first living cells first local election first lok sabha first look deal first lord of the admiralty first lunar crust first made contact first magnetic disk system first magnitude first magnitude spring first magnitude springs first major area of disagreement first major battle first major book on ants first major league baseball game first major military operations first major nation to give all women the right to vote first major naval action first major peasant revolt first major religious revival first major skirmish first major story arc first major work first mall first man first man and woman first man on the moon first manifestations of political parties first manned lunar landing first manned moon base first manned space flight first manned space flight program first match first mate first mayor first mayoral elections first mechanical computing devices first meeting first megabyte of memory first menstrual period first mention first meridian of longitude first met them first metacarpal first metacarpal bone first metatarsal first metatarsal bone first metro system first microprocessor first mid-air collision between airliners first midair collision of airliners first mile first millennium first minimum operable segment first minister first ministers' conference first ministers' meetings first ministry first mission first modern expressions first modern leadership convention first modern revolution first modernization efforts first molar first molars first moment first moment of area first moon landing first motion pictures first mover first mover advantage first movie first multi-candidate presidential elections first multi-party elections first multi-racial elections first multiparty presidential election first multiracial election first municipal coat of arms first name first name alphabets first names first nation first national bank first national championship first national convention first national curriculum first national election first national hero first nationally publicized sit-in first nations first nations peoples first nationwide first nationwide municipal elections first naval force first navy first navy jack first negative rebuttal first nerve first newspaper first newspaper worldwide first newsreader first nine black students first non-stop transatlantic flight first non-territorial pick first nonstop transatlantic flight first normal form first northern expedition first novel in the series first novel of the series first nuclear test first nuclear weapon used in war first nuclear weapons first occasion first occurrence of zero points first octave first of his family first of several anti-war marches first of the engagements first of the month first of the sequels first of the twelve first of the typhoon first of three stellations of the dodecahedron first of two shows first of which first of whom first offensive first officer first official depth chart first official international football match first official international match first official rock-festival first official surf life saving group first official world record first oil crisis first oil shock first one first operational state university first opium war first or last quarter moon first or second-class objects first or upper second class degree first oral contraceptive first oral contraceptive pill first oral contraceptive pills first oral contraceptives first orbital flight first orbital spaceflight first order first order kinetics first order lag first order lighthouse first order logic first order logic with equality first order partial differential equations first order phase transition first order phase transitions first order predicate calculus first order predicate logic first order reaction first order reactions first order theories first order theory first overall first overall draft pick first overall pick in the draft first overthrow first overtime first page of honour first parliament first parliament election first parliamentary assembly first parliamentary election first parliamentary elections first part first part of left first partial derivative first partition first party first party congress first pass effect first pass elimination first pass metabolism first pass the post first past the post first past the post electoral system first past the post system first past the post voting first people first perforating artery first perforating veins first period first period of oppression first periodic table first permanent government first permanent public library first permanent temple first person first person accounts first person action first person form first person game graphics first person gaming first person minor first person narration first person narrative first person narratives first person narrator first person narrators first person on earth first person on the earth first person perspective first person plural first person point of view first person shooter first person shooter engine first person shootergames first person shooters first person singular first person to arrive first person view first petrol-powered automobile first pharyngeal groove first phase first phase of the revolutionary war first philosophy first piano concerto first pillar first pioneers first pitch first place first plane first plantar metatarsal artery first played in public first playoff berth first playoff round first plebiscite first polar body first potentiality first powered flight first preference first preferences first premiership decider first premolar first president first presidential debate first presidential election first presidential elections first prince first principle first principles first print run aka first printing first printed book first printed edition first printing house first prison first privately funded human spaceflight first procaspase first production first production engine to feature five valves per cylinder first professional degree first professional national championship first professional team first project first proof first proposed amendment first prototype first proven case of air sabotage first proven case of sabotage first proven case of sabotage of a commercial airliner first public demonstration first public viewing place first published first quadrant first quantization first quarter first quarto first quartos first race first race of the season first racist activism first radiation constant first radio series first raid first rail terminal first railroad first railroad bridge first railroad tunnel first railway first railway line first railway station first rank first rank symptoms first rate first rates first read-write floppy disk drive first reader first reading first real battle first record first recorded first recorded boxing events first recorded flight of a powered aircraft in human history first recorded non-university football club first referendum first referendum to the abortion law first refusal first refusal rights first regional elections first regular season first regular season game first release first religious war first remake first republic first resident crew first responder first responders first response first restoration first revolt first revolution first rib first rock and roll concert first round first round draft pick first round draft picks first round loss first round of elimination first round of nuclear synthesis after the big bang first round of parliamentary elections first round of the election first round of the elections first round of the playoffs first round of the tournament first round playoff loss first run films first run for political office first run for president first run syndication first runner up first runner-up first rural secondary school first safe injection site first sale first sale doctrine first school first schools first screen adaptation first scrub first sea lord first season first season after the ban was lifted first season after the merger first season back first season episode first season finale first season in charge first season notes first season of the animated series first section first segment first seismological detector first selectman first self titled album first self-propagating cross-site scripting first self-propagating cross-site scripting worm XSS worm first self-propagating cross-site scripting XSS worm first semifinal first sequel first sergeant first sergeants first series first serious armed conflict of the war first settlement first seven chapters first ship in a class first shirt first shot first shots fired first shuttle first siege first siege of the town first sin first single first singles compilation first sit-in first six first skirmish first skyscraper first slip first snooker world championship first sod first solo album first solo band first solo single first solo transatlantic flight first son first sonnet first spaceflight first spacewalk first spouses first squad first stage first stage boot controller first stage of a scuba-diving regulator first stages first star first stars first starting quarterback first state constitution first state exam of law first station crew first station stop first stepless, ultra low floor "Superbus" first stone bridge first stop first stored-program computer first storm first story arc first stress invariant first strike first strike capability first strikes first studio album first studio album. first submarines first subway first subway line first successful airplane first successful non-stop transatlantic flight first successful test first such awards first such tour first supersonic flight first superstring revolution first supplementary election first sura first sustained and controlled heavier-than-air powered flight first symphonic game music concert first symphony first synthesized first tanks first targets of the atomic bomb first teacher in space first team first team captain first team coach first team in the world first team squad first teams first teeth first televised first television broadcast first television series first television station first television version first temple first tenor sax first term first territorial assembly first terrorist attack on first test first test flight first test match first testing first theme first theorem in extreme value theory first theorem of incompleteness first thoracic first thoracic ganglion first thought to establish itself first three films first three mile opening first three serials first three series first three studio albums first through fifth first through tenth first tier first time first time buyer first time buyers first time ever first titanosaur first title first titles released for the console first to be aired first to be taken first to file first to file or first to invent first to invent first to settle first to the market first toe first top division season first topographic map of an entire country first tournament first town first train crash first transatlantic flight first transatlantic seaplane flight first transatlantic two-way radio broadcast first transatlantic zeppelin flight first transcontinental railroad first transcontinental railroad route first transcontinental railway first transcontinental telegraph first transcontintental railroad first trap first trap he constructed first tribunal first trimester first triumvirate first twenty first two conjugations first two ruling dynasties first two words first underground railway first unique word or words first universities first university first use first use of cotton wool in a medical context first used first version first vertebrae first victim first video arcade game first video game first violin first violin concerto first violins first vision first visit first vizier first volar metacarpal artery first volume first volume in the series first vote first vowel first vows first voyage first voyage of discovery first war first war of independence first was held first wave first wave feminism first wave of black metal first web browser first webcam first week first week of fighting first welfare theorem first white birth first white child first wife first wild-card game first winter first winter games first woman first women's rights convention first women's rugby world cup first word first words first work first workstation first world first world countries first world map first world nations first world war first worldwar first written reference first year first year law student first year on the air first year player draft first years first yuan first zeppelin first zoning regulations first- and second- degree burns first-aid kit first-angle or third-angle projection first-base coach first-class air travel first-class citizen first-class citizens first-class city first-class county first-class cricket first-class cricketer first-class cricketers first-class cricketing first-class cruiser first-class cruisers first-class data type first-class debut first-class degree first-class fixtures first-class functions first-class game first-class honors first-class honours first-class honours degree first-class letters first-class lever first-class mail first-class match first-class matches first-class object first-class objects first-class polymorphism first-class postage first-class status first-class value first-class values first-come first-serve first-come first-served first-countable space first-countable spaces first-cousin marriages first-day covers first-degree burn first-degree burns first-degree entailment first-degree murder first-degree murderers first-degree murders first-degree polynomial first-degree relatives first-degree residential burglary first-ever nuclear weapon test first-ever partisan legislative election first-ever title first-generation antihistamine first-generation antihistamines first-generation computer first-generation language first-grade cricket first-grade semi-finals first-grade team first-growth forest first-in first-out first-in-human trials first-in-the-nation presidential primary first-line drug therapy first-line therapy first-line treatment first-line trenches first-look agreement first-look producing deal first-mover advantage first-mover advantages first-order abstract syntax first-order approximation first-order arithmetic first-order control first-order differential equation first-order differential equations first-order differential operator first-order elections first-order fluid first-order formula first-order freshwater springs first-order hold first-order integrator first-order kinetics first-order language first-order languages, signatures and theories first-order logic first-order modal theory first-order moral theory first-order of approximation first-order perturbation first-order phase transition first-order predicate first-order predicate calculus first-order predicate logic first-order predicate logic with equality first-order reaction first-order reductions first-order resolution first-order sentences first-order term first-order theories first-order theory first-order variables first-party developer first-party developers first-party games first-pass hepatic effect first-pass hepatic metabolism first-pass metabolism first-pass metabolization first-past-the-post bloc voting first-past-the-post election system first-past-the-post electoral system first-past-the-post system first-past-the-post voting first-person adventure first-person authority first-person autobiographical style first-person fictional narratives first-person graphical viewpoint first-person graphics first-person interpretation first-person narration first-person narrative first-person narratives first-person narrator first-person narrators first-person perspective first-person plural first-person point of view first-person shooter first-person shooter first-person shooter engine first-person shooter genre first-person shooter video game first-person shooters first-person shooting first-person sneaker first-person story first-person view first-person viewpoint first-preference votes first-press edition first-price auctions first-rank frigate first-rate resorts first-round pick first-round playoff bye first-round playoff series first-round rematch first-run films first-run programming first-run syndicated first-run syndication first-sale doctrine first-season episode first-season finale first-series episode