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first class (not comparable)

  1. Belonging to the best or top group in a system of classification.
    That was a first class restaurant.
  2. Of, or relating to the most luxurious and expensive class of accommodation on a train, ship, hotel, etc.
    We travelled first class to New York.
  3. Of, or relating to a class of mail to be delivered before second class.
    First class stamps are now more expensive.
  4. (UK, India) Great, very enjoyable.
    How was the cricket match? It was first class.
  5. (cricket) Of, or relating to a first class match.
  6. (programming) Of, or relating to a treatment like that for a first-class citizen.
    Java has no first-class functions, so function objects are usually expressed by an interface with a single method.

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first class (plural first classes)

  1. (A status, section, etc which is of) premier rank.
    sat in first class; attained first class in the Boy Scouts
    • 1962 August, Mercury, “The fastest trains on the Continent, 1962: II—Western Germany”, in Modern Railways, page 126:
      In comparing these services with the exclusive trains-de-luxe of former days, however, it must be remembered that when the original first class was abolished on the Continent and second and third class were promoted to first and second respectively, it meant a considerable reduction in first class fares.
  2. (Ireland) the third year of primary school, following after the junior and senior infant levels.
  3. (US) One of two classes of city government in the U.S. state of Kentucky, in which cities elect a mayor and aldermen.

Coordinate terms[edit]