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ritual scarification ritual servitude ritual sex ritual slaughter ritual song ritual songs ritual suicide ritual territory marking ritual tools ritual uncleanliness ritual violence ritual washing ritual washing of one's physique and clothes ritual words ritual year ritualistic ambient ritualistic child abuse ritualistic observances ritualistic practices ritualistic purification ritualistic revivals ritualistic school ritualistic sex act ritualistic sexual act ritualistic sexual behavior ritualistically consumed ritualistically killed ritualized killings ritualized landscapes ritually burned ritually clean ritually cleanse ritually executed ritually impure ritually killed ritually marry ritually murdered ritually pure ritually purified ritually separate themselves ritually unclean ritually unclean animal ritually wash rival church rival city rival government rival league rival organization rival organization of the church rival poet rival political parties rival railway lines rival reincarnation rival school rival schools rival station’s rival team rival warlord factions rivalries in sport rivalry game rivalry over electrical current rivalry was born river alder river assault boats river authorities river bank river banks river bar river barges river basin river basins river bed river beds river bifurcation river birch river blackfish river blindness river boards river boat river boat service river bottoms river bus river canyon river capture river captures river card river carp river cataracts river caves river channel river chanties river chub river craft river crossing river crossing puzzles river cruise river cruises river currents river cyperus river delta river delta plain river deltas river derwent river development river devon, nottinghamshire river discharge river discharge flow river dolphin river dolphins river dragon river drainage river eels river engineering river erosion river estuaries river expedition river flats river fox river front river gauge river gauges river goddesses river gorge river gravel river gunboat river gunboats river herring river highway river hymn river ironclads river island river islands river jack river journey river kingfisher river kingfishers river loach river lot river management river martin river martins river meadow river mile river monitor river monitors river morphology river mouth river mouths river name river named for him river navigation river navigations river networks river oaks river of grass river of the same name river on which it was built river otter river otters river outfitters river packet river parishes river patrol boat river patrol boats river pelican river pilot river pilotage river pirate river pirates river police river port river ports river puffer river raft river rafting river rafting ride river rapids river rapids ride river red gum river red gums river redhorse river regime river rejuvenation river renaissance river rock river runner river runners river running river salmon river sand river shark river sharks river ships river shoes river shrimp river source river steamboat river steamboats river stingray river stingrays river styx river surfing river system river systems river taxies river terrace river terraces river terrapins river than now bears his name river training work river trekking river tubing river tugboats river turtles river valley river valley project river valleys river walk river water river wattles river weed river wharf river which shares its name river-based transport river-smoothed pebbles riverband quillwort riverboat casino riverboat casinos riverboat gambler riverboat gambling riverboat gambling facility riverboat services riverfront promenade riverine areas riverine craft riverine disposal riverine forest riverine habitat riverine lake riverine lakes rivers and lakes rivers of blood rivers of blood speech rivers of white riverside trail rivet gun rivet heads riveted jeans rivetted joints rivière d'Auray riyas komu rm -rf rmgroup message rms error rms power ro-ro vessels roach bait roach baits roach clip roach clips roach motel road 11 road accident road accident statistics on a model-by-model basis road accidents road agent road agent's spin road agents road allowance road ambulance officer road and rail networks road atlas road atlases road authorities road authority road base material road bed road bicycle road bicycle race road bicycle racer road bicycle racers road bicycle races road bicycle racing road bicycles road bicycling racer road bike road bikes road biking road block road blocks road bowler road bowling road bridge road bridges road building road building equipment road bypass road cars road case road cases road charging road charging scheme road check road coach road competition road concurrency road congestion road construction road course road course race road course ringer road course specialist road courses road crash road crew road crime unit road crossing road crossings road cut road cuts road cycling road cycling programme road cycling race road cyclist road cyclists road damages road deaths road design road diets road disciplines road dividers road easement road engineering road fauna road film road flare road flares road footraces road fuel tax road fund licence road games road gang road grader road grades road grading road gritting road haulage road hierarchy road hockey road hog road holding road hump road humps road improvements road interchange road intersection road journal road junction road junctions road kill road kills road layouts road leading to integration road locomotive road locomotives road maintenance road maintenance depots road manager road map road map for peace road map peace plan road maps road markers road marking road markings road median road metal road metalling road motor road motor services road motorcycle road movie road movies road names road network road networks road not taken road novel road number road number 3 road numbers road of the same name road of yellow brick road or street road pass road paved with yellow brick road pavement road player road position road pricing road protest road protest camp road race road race cyclist road racer road racers road races road racing road racing bicycle road racing cycling road racing cyclist road racing cyclists road racing specialist road rage road rage road rallies road rally road rallying road rash road repairs road reports road riders road roller road rollers road route planners road rule enforcement cameras road rules road run road runner road runners road running road safety road safety camera road safety cameras road safety engineering road safety of autobahns road salt road sector road shoulder road shoulders road show road shows road sign road sign controversy road sign in the photograph road signage road signals road signs road slipperiness road slugs road spike road spikes road steamers road surface road surface marking road sweeper road switcher road switchers road switching road system road tanker road tars road tax road team road tested road testing road time trial road toll road tolls road touring bicycles road touring lifestyle road tractor road tractors road traffic road traffic accident road traffic accidents road traffic analysis road traffic collision road traffic collisions road traffic control road traffic safety road trailers road train road trains road transport road transport system road transportation road trauma road trip road trips road trucks road tunnel road tunnels road upgrades road used as a public path road user taxes road vehicle road vehicle airbrake reservoir road vehicle brakes road vehicles road warrior road warriors road wheels road works road world championship road-Rail trucks road-rail bridge road-rail vehicles road-rule enforcement cameras road-traffic safety roadable aircraft roadless area roadless areas roadless rules roadmap for peace roadmap peace plan roads inspectors roads protest roadshow theatrical release roadside architecture roadside assistance roadside attraction roadside attractions roadside barrier roadside bomb roadside bombing roadside bombings roadside bombs roadside cameras roadside curb roadside equipment roadside memorial roadside model roadside oddity sites roadside sobriety test roadside sobriety tests roadside tribute roadster based roadster pickup roadway air dispersion model roadway air dispersion modeling roadway air dispersion models roadway air pollution roadway intersection's roadway noise roadway surface roadway system roadway traffic roadwork zones roadworthiness test roaming agreement roaming agreements roaming charges roaming charges directive roaming dogs roaming list roaming profiles roaming users roan antelope roan coloration roanoke bass roaring 20s roaring boys roaring forties roaring plains roaring rails roaring twenties roast beef roast beef dinner roast chicken roast concept roast dinner roast duck roast goose roast ham roast lamb roast level roast master roast of coffee roast pork roast potatoes roast profile roast turkey roast vegetables roasted at home roasted chestnuts roasted coffee roasted corn roasted goose roasted grain beverage roasted meat roasted pig roasted piglet roasted pork roasted pork buns sexual act roasting coffee rob a bank rob banks rob haynes rob johnson rob nectar rob the local bank robbed a bank robbed and attacked robbed bit signaling robbed four times robber baron robber baron cave harvestman robber baron cave spider robber barons robber council robber crab robber flies robber fly robber knight robbery excavations robbery under arms robbery with a deadly weapon robbery with violence robbing a bank robbing banks robbing graves robe de style robert balani robin bird robing room roborovski hamster robot anime robot applications robot arm robot arms robot boy robot butler robot calibration robot certificate authority robot chicken robot competition robot control robot controlled vehicles robot dance robot dancing robot developer kits robot dog robot duplicate robot fetishism robot intelligence robot jockey robot jockeys robot judges robot kit robot kits robot learning robot locomotion robot motion robot programming language robot revolt robot sex doll robot snake robot soccer robot software robot spider robot spiders robot stories robot unicycle robot uprising robot vehicles robot vision robot welding robot yetis robot-controlled camels robotic arm robotic arms robotic art robotic autonomy robotic book scanner robotic circuitry robotic color vision robotic dancing robotic dog robotic exoskeleton robotic exploration robotic explorer robotic gender robotic hands robotic jockey robotic manipulators robotic mapping robotic musician robotic paradigms robotic pet dog robotic probe robotic scanners robotic space missions robotic spacecraft robotic spacecrafts robotic suit robotic surgery robotic surgical robotic systems robotic telescope robotic telescopes robotic unicycle robotic voice effect robotic voice effects robotic weapons robotised manual gearbox robots at the reins robots cannot harm humans robots exclusion protocol robots exclusion standard robots meta tag robots to paint robots with human brains robust architecture robust australopithecine robust australopithecines robust cicada robust control robust controller robust decision robust estimation robust estimator robust estimators robust food robust hardware architecture robust lancetooth robust optimization robust parameter estimation robust pick-up robust pliocene hominids robust regression robust relatives robust relativism robust skinks robust statistical robust statistics roche lobe roche moutonnée roche moutonnées roches moutonnées rock & country rock & roll rock & roller rock 'n roll rock 'n wrestling connection rock 'n' roll rock 'n' roll music rock 'n' roller rock abrasion tool rock album rock and pop rock and pop music rock and roll rock and roll rock and roll and rock music rock and roll anthem rock and roll anthems rock and roll dance rock and roll movie rock and roll music rock and roll musical rock and roll revival rock and roller rock and rollers rock angel rock anthem rock anthems rock armour rock art rock art studies rock artist rock avalanche rock balancing rock ballad rock ballads rock band rock band of the same name rock bands rock bars rock bass rock beauty rock beds rock bee rock blasting rock bolt rock bolting rock bolts rock burst rock candy rock carving rock carvings rock carvings at Åskollen rock carvings at Åsli rock català rock cellist rock chemistry rock chick rock clams rock climb rock climber rock climbers rock climbing rock climbing tower rock climbing wall rock climbs rock cod rock collectors rock concert rock concerts rock crab rock crabs rock crawlers rock crawling rock cress rock critic rock critics rock crushing rock crystal rock crystal vase rock culture rock cut rock cut architecture rock cuts rock cycle rock dances rock dikes rock documentary rock dove rock doves rock drawings rock eisteddfod rock elm rock en español rock engineering rock engraving rock engravings rock epic rock era rock face rock faces rock fall rock falls rock festival rock festivals rock fill rock fish rock fishing rock flour rock footprint rock formation rock formation near the town rock formations rock fortress rock fusion rock garden rock gardening rock gardens rock glacier rock glaciers rock gnome rock god rock gong rock grave rock group rock groups rock groynes rock guitar rock guitarist rock guitarists rock guitars rock hammer rock history rock hopping rock hounding rock hounds rock hyrax rock hyraxes rock icons rock iguana rock iguanas rock in opposition rock inscriptions rock instrumental rock jetties rock jetty rock journalism rock journalism press rock journalist rock layers rock lizards rock lobster rock lobsters rock magnetism rock mass classification rock masses rock mechanics rock media rock mice rock microstructure rock mini-opera rock monster rock music rock music critics rock music festival rock music festivals rock music scene rock music's rock musical rock musicals rock musician rock musicians rock musics rock n roll rock n roll and blues rock n' roll rock n' roller rock nacional rock noir rock oil rock oldies rock opera rock operas rock oyster rock oysters rock painting rock paintings rock paper scissors rock partridge rock partridges rock phenomenon rock phosphate rock piano rock pigeon rock pigeons rock pillars rock pinnacle rock pipits rock pocket mice rock pools rock pop rock power rock press rock ptarmigan rock quarries rock quarrying rock radio host rock rap rock rats rock rose rock rose Cistus ladaniferus rock salt rock samphire rock scissors paper rock scorpions rock scramble rock scrambling rock sculpture rock shelter rock shelters rock shoal rock singer rock slide rock slides rock snail rock snakes rock society rock song rock squirrels rock star rock star of the same name rock starlets rock stars rock steady rock step rock stonecrop rock strata rock sugar rock superstar rock texture rock textures rock thrush rock thrushes rock tracks rock trio rock tripe rock tumbler rock tumblers rock type rock types rock varnish rock venue rock videos rock wallabys rock whitlowgrass rock wool rock ‘n roll rock ‘n’ roll rock-based fur rock-climbing walls rock-cut architecture rock-cut art rock-cut basins rock-cut cave rock-cut churches rock-forming processes rock-paper-scissor principle rockabilly punk rockabilly tunes rocker arm rocker arms rocker boxes rocker covers rocker jacket rocker jackets rocker panels rocker switch rocker turn rockers reggae rocket artillery rocket artillery launcher rocket assist take-off rocket assisted projectile rocket assisted take off rocket assisted take off rocket attack rocket belt rocket bomb rocket booster rocket boosters rocket candy rocket car rocket combustion rocket cycles rocket danio rocket design rocket docket rocket dragster rocket dragsters rocket engine rocket engine nozzle rocket engine nozzles rocket engine test facility rocket engineering rocket engines rocket equation rocket explosion rocket festivals rocket fuel rocket fuels rocket grain rocket jump rocket jumping rocket jumps rocket launch rocket launch site rocket launch sites rocket launch technology rocket launcher rocket launchers rocket launches rocket launching rocket launching base rocket mail rocket man rocket motor rocket motors rocket nets rocket nozzle rocket pack rocket packs rocket plane rocket planes rocket propellant rocket propellants rocket propelled rocket propelled grenade rocket propelled grenade launcher rocket propelled grenade launchers rocket propelled grenades rocket propulsion rocket punch rocket range rocket science rocket scientist rocket ship rocket ships rocket sled rocket sleds rocket stage rocket stages rocket stick rocket stove rocket theory rocket thrusters fore and aft rocket vessel rocket vessels rocket warheads rocket weaponry rocket-assisted ammunition rocket-assisted projectiles rocket-assisted takeoff rocket-assisted takeoff test rocket-based combined cycle rocket-based propulsion rocket-like reaction engine rocket-man suit rocket-powered aircraft rocket-propelled grenade rocket-propelled grenade lanncher rocket-propelled grenade launchers rocket-propelled grenades rocket-propelled missiles rocket-propelled weaponry rocket-propelled-grenade launchers rocket-tailed drongo rockfill dam rockhopper penguin rockhopper penguins rocking and rolling rocking back rocking beams rocking camera rocking chair rocking chairs rocking curve rocking grates rocking horse rocking horses rocking sector rocking stone rocking stones rocks that mysteriously move across its surface rocksteady reggae rockweed gunnel rocky material rocky mountain goat rocky mountain whitefish rocky mountains rocky outcroppings rocky planet rocky planets rocky road rocky shore rocky shoreline rocky shores rocky surfaces rococo gothick rod and belt rod and cone photoreceptors rod and gun club rod and reel rod bipolars rod brakes rod calculus rod caught rod cell rod cells rod domain rod granules rod logic rod man rod monochromacy rod numeral rod numerals rod of withering rod opsins rod outer segment rod photoreceptor cells rod puppet rod puppets rod shaped rod sheath rod-actuated brakes rod-arm puppetry rod-ride merger rod-shaped bacteria roda de samba rodas de samba rode an animal rode circuit rode on the hulls rodent control rodent of unusual size rodent poison rodent tapeworm rodeo arena rodeo bareback rigging rodeo bullfighter rodeo chaps rodeo clown rodeo clowns rodeo cowboy rodeo drive rodeo rider rodeo show rodeo tailor rodeo tailors rods and cones rods instead of cones roe (fish eggs roe deer roe deers roentgen ray rogallo wing rogan josh rogan printing rogation days roger allen ward rogue access point rogue access points rogue agent rogue agents rogue anti-spyware rogue antispyware program rogue asteroids rogue class-M planet rogue comet rogue elements rogue folk rogue glister rogue governments rogue literature rogue nation rogue nations rogue planet rogue planetoid rogue planets rogue psykers rogue scientific genius rogue security software rogue software rogue state rogue states rogue super-soldier rogue tribes rogue wave rogue wave rogue waves roguelike games rohith shetty roi fainéant roi nuoc roid rage rois fainéants rokkit launcha rokon fada roku shaku bo rokushaku bō rola bola role based access control role conflict role conflicts role games role hierarchies role hierarchy role in immunomodulation role in semiconductor physics role in supporting extremists role model role modeling role models role obligations role of decoherence in quantum mechanics role of interpretation role of the international community role of the king in politics role of women role play role player role players role playing role playing game role playing game convention role playing game genre role playing game series role playing gamers role playing games role playing video game role plays role responsibility role reversal role reversals role sets role strain role theory role types role-based access control role-play games role-playing adventure role-playing campaign role-playing campaigns role-playing elements role-playing fantasy game role-playing game role-playing game role-playing game history role-playing game of the same name role-playing game system role-playing game systems role-playing game theory role-playing gamers role-playing games role-playing games or simulations role-playing gaming role-playing setting role-playing systems role-playing theory role-playing universe role-playing video game role-playing video game role-playing video games roleplay intensive gameplay roleplaying adventure roleplaying campaign roleplaying game roleplaying gamer roleplaying gamers roleplaying games roleplaying toys roles for business and government roles of women roll and sheet films roll attitude roll axes roll axis roll back roll back. roll backwards roll bar roll bars roll cage roll cages roll call roll call vote roll call votes roll calls roll center roll centers roll cloud roll clouds roll coating roll control roll damper roll film roll hoop roll hoops roll inertia coupling roll laminator roll maneuver roll moment roll of film roll off roll on roll off roll on-roll off roll on-roll off ferries roll over roll over protection structure roll period roll playing roll playing game world roll polar moment roll rate roll steer roll step roll stiffness roll up roll welding roll your own roll-away bed roll-away computer roll-back error correction roll-call vote roll-call votes roll-on and roll-off roll-on roll-off roll-out plans for the remaining stations roll-to-roll printing roll-to-roll processes roll-to-roll web system roll-top desk roll-up keyboard roll-up pin rollable display rollable displays data management rollback log rolled back rolled brass rolled cabbage rolled earth-fill rolled homogeneous armor rolled homogeneous armour rolled iron rolled oats rolled over rolled paper rolled plate rolled steel rolled steel joists rolled up agricultural tool roller bearing roller bearings roller blades roller blading roller blind roller chain roller chains roller clutch roller coaster roller coaster inversion roller coaster inversions roller coaster loop roller coaster loops roller coaster train roller coaster trains roller coasters roller coating roller compacted concrete roller cones roller conveyor roller dam roller derbies