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roller derby roller destination blinds roller disco roller figure skating roller furling roller gates roller hockey roller lifters roller lock roller locked roller mill roller or ball bearings roller racing roller reefing roller rink roller rinks roller rocker roller rocker arm roller shades roller skate roller skated roller skater roller skaters roller skates roller skating roller skating rink roller ski roller skiing roller skis roller splines roller sports roller-coaster attraction roller-compacted concrete roller-delayed blowback roller-locking delayed blowback rollerball pen rollerball pens rolling admission rolling admissions rolling bag rolling balls rolling barrage rolling black out rolling blackout rolling blackouts rolling block rolling bridge rolling calls to prayer rolling chairs. rolling chassis rolling checksum rolling circle rolling circle mode of replication rolling circle replication rolling code rolling contact bearings rolling contact fatigue rolling cradle rolling cutter rolling dice rolling elections rolling fireman's carry slam rolling forecast rolling friction rolling globe rolling hash rolling her "r"s rolling highway rolling hills rolling hitch rolling hold rolling interest rolling iron rolling kneebar rolling machine rolling machines rolling maul rolling mill rolling mills rolling moment rolling news rolling of a wheel of cheese down a hill rolling over rolling paper rolling papers rolling pebblesnail rolling pin rolling pins rolling prairie rolling r's rolling registration rolling release rolling resistance rolling road rolling senton rolling start rolling starts rolling stock rolling stock depot rolling stock lessor rolling stock operating companies rolling stone rolling terrain rolling ticker rolling tobacco rolling towers rolling up rolling wave planning rolling-element bearing rolling-element bearings rollo picota rollover plow reversible plow rollover reversible plow rollover accidents rollover cable rolls back rolls of parliament rolls of solicitors rolls over rolltop desk roma music roma tomatoes romaine hearts romaine lettuce roman a clef roman alphabet roman arches roman architecture roman art roman assemblies roman candle roman candles roman catholic roman catholicism roman catholics roman chapel roman character roman church roman churches roman consul roman courtois roman curia roman dictator roman empire roman era roman feet roman feuilleton roman fleuve roman imperial rule roman law roman letters roman mythology roman noir roman nose roman numbers roman numeral roman numeral analysis roman numeral system roman numerals roman period roman porno roman province roman salute roman script roman tile roman type roman types roman villa roman village roman villas roman à clef roman à thèse roman á clef romance and love romance comedy romance comic romance comics romance drama romance drama film romance fiction romance film romance films romance formula romance genre romance literature romance music romance novel romance novelist romance novels romance of the same name romance pannonian language romance scammers romance scams romance sims romance stories romance storyline romance studies romance writer romances of chivalry romanesque age romanesque architecture romanesque art romanesque revival romanesque sculpture romanesque style romanian first division romanian national football team romanian resort romanic church romanic poem romanisation scheme romanitic era romanization errors romanization schemes romanization system romanization systems romanized name romanized orthography romanized transliteration romano cheese romano cheeses romans a clef romans courtois romans d'aventure romans fleuve romans noir romans à clef romantiam de rosa romantic admiration romantic advances romantic affair romantic and nationalist romantic aptitude romantic art romantic attachment romantic attraction romantic ballads romantic ballet romantic bond romantic comedies romantic comedy romantic comedy film romantic comedy films romantic currents romantic drama romantic drama film romantic dramas romantic encounters romantic enthusiasm romantic era romantic fantasy romantic feelings romantic fiction romantic film romantic films romantic friendship romantic friendships romantic hero romantic historians romantic interest romantic involvement romantic irony romantic lead romantic leads romantic liaisons romantic liberalism romantic literary movement romantic literature romantic love romantic male friendship romantic marriage romantic matter romantic modernism romantic movement romantic movie romantic music romantic musical romantic musics romantic nationalism romantic nationalist romantic nationalistic romantic nationalists romantic novel romantic novelist romantic novels romantic opera romantic partner romantic partners romantic period romantic periods romantic poem romantic poet romantic poetry romantic poets romantic punk romantic realism romantic realist romantic relationship romantic relationships romantic revolutionary ideals romantic road romantic school romantic subplot romantic suspense romantic suspense novels romantic thriller romantic triangles romantic tutus romantic vallenato romantic view romantic-comedy film romantically involved romanticism and music romanticism period romanticist movement romanticized fiction romanticized historical narrative romanticized views romatic comedy romesco sauce romper suit rond de jambe rondel enclosures rondets de carole rondo form rondo form roneat ek rongo rongo rontal palm roo bar roo bars rood loft rood loft and screen rood lofts rood screen rood screens rood stair roof and tunnel hacking roof bars roof boss roof bosses roof chops roof coatings roof comb roof cornice roof flaps roof flashing roof garden roof garden area roof gardens roof gutters roof line roof membrane roof modules roof of nasal cavity roof of orbit roof of the world roof over our heads roof pendant roof pentaprism roof pitch roof plate roof prism roof rack roof racks roof rats roof scoops roof shingle roof shingles roof stand roof terrace roof thatch roof tile roof tiles roof truss roof trusses roof welds roof-top garden roofie coloda roofing and walling roofing felt roofing materials roofing membrane roofing nails roofing shingle photovoltaics roofing slates rooftop concert rooftop garden rooftop gardens rooftop golf rooibos espresso rooibos tea rook and bishop versus rook rook and pawn versus rook endgame rook and pawn versus rook endgames rook jaw rook odds rook piercing rookie draft rookie form rookie free agent rookie judge rookie league rookie leagues rookie list rookie of the year rookie of the year award rookie season rookie test rookies of the year room acoustics room air distribution room and board room and pillar room and pillar mining room automation room box room metaphor room modes room temp room temperature room temperature and pressure room temperature ionic liquids room temperature superconductor room temperatures room treatments room with gold room-air humidifiers room-and-pillar method room-temperature superconductor rooming house rooming houses roost site rooster tails root abscess root access root account root and bulb vegetables root and rhizome rot root aphids root balance root beer root beer float root beer floats root beers root canal root canal system root canal therapy root canal treatment root canalor root canals root cap root cause root cause analysis root causes root cellar root cellars root certificate root certificates root chord root class root climbers root condition root cortex root crop root crops root cutting root cuttings root data root datum root development root directory root discriminant root division root domain root domain servers root element root elongation zone root end surgery root extraction algorithm root file system root finding root folder root hair root hair cells root hairs root hash root kit root kits root lattice root locus root maggots root mealy bugs root mean square root mean square distance root mean square speed root mean squared root mean squared error root meaning root morpheme root morphemes root movement by fifth root nameserver root nameservers root node root nodulation root nodule root nodules root note root notes root of root of acoustic nerve root of ciliary ganglion root of the hair root of the lung root of the mesentery root of the penis root of the tongue root of the tongue retracted root of three consonants root of unity root oil root parasite root parasites root planing root position root pressure root pressure theory root privileges root process root progression root pruning root race root races root rats root rectangles root reflection root resorption root rot root server root servers root set root spaces root sprouts root stock root structure root suckers root system root systems root teacher root test root tubers root tumors root user root users root vegetable root vegetables root window root word root words root zone root zone management root zones root-and-pattern morphology root-bed medium root-canal therapy root-eating beetles root-finding algorithm root-finding algorithms root-finding method root-fungus symbioses root-knot nematode root-locus design root-mean-square deviation root-raised-cosine filter rooted graph rooted plane trees rooted product of graphs rooted tree rooted trees rooting compounds rooting hormone rooting liquid or powder rooting powder rooting reflex rooting song rootless cosmopolitan rootless cosmopolitanism rootless cosmopolitans rootless vents roots bands roots combining roots music roots musician roots musicians roots of roots of cubic polynomials roots of hip hop music roots of rap music roots of the hair roots of unity roots reggae roots revival roots revivalists roots revivals roots rock roots rock and blues roots rock'n'roll roots rocker roots supercharger roots type superchargers ropa vieja rope activities rope bondage rope break rope bridge rope bridges rope burn rope car rope climb rope climbing rope clutch rope course rope courses rope dart rope drag rope ferry rope harness rope jumping rope ladder rope ladders rope light rope lights rope lock rope making rope powered ferry rope rescue rope rescues rope run rope shovel rope signals rope splice rope splices rope splicing rope stretchers rope team rope tow rope tows rope trick effect rope tricks rope walk rope walk into a top rope headscissors takedown rope walks rope whip rope-aided corner dropkick rope-aided spiral headscissors rope-and-pulley shuttle system rope-worked incline ropes and cables ropes course ropes courses ropeway conveyor roquefort cheese rorschach test rosa eglanteria rosa foetida rosary beads rosary job rosary pea rosary ring rosca de reyes rose acacia rose again rose against him rose and fell rose and the cross rose antique marble rose apple rose attar rose bengal rose bitterling rose black spot rose breeding rose bushes rose campion rose curve rose cut rose cut diamonds rose diagram rose family rose finches rose fish rose flea beetle rose from the dead rose gardens rose gold rose hip rose hip seed oil rose hips rose in rebellion rose is a rose is a rose is a rose rose madder rose of sharon rose oil rose oils rose oxide rose petal rose petals rose quartz rose rust rose spots rose sugar rose thorn rose to its feet rose to power rose to rebellion rose up in rebellion rose up in revolt rose water rose window rose windows rose wine rose-bay willow herb rose-breasted grosbeak rose-coloured starlings rose-ringed parakeets rose-tinted glasses rose-tinted spectacles roseate spoonbill roseate spoonbills roseate tern roseate terns rosebay rhododendron roselle hemp rosemary beetle rosengrantz and guildersten are dead roseola infantum roses of various colors rosetta stone rosette agent rosette groups rosette inhibition assay rosette inhibition test rosewood oil rosh yeashivas rosh yeshiva rosh yeshivah rosh yeshivas roshe yeshibot roshei yeshiva rosin acids rosmarinate synthase rosso corsa rostellar hooks roster bonus roster bonuses rostered ministry rostral area 12 rostral bone rostral column rostral columns rostral gland rostral glands rostral interstitial nucleus of medial longitudinal fasciculus rostral migratory stream rostral organ rostral scale rostral shield rostral spinocerebellar tract rostrilongitudinal coefficient rostromedial prefrontal cortex rostrum camera rostrum of rostrum of corpus callosum rostrum of the sphenoid roswell springsnail rosy barb rosy barbs rosy boa rosy dory rosy finch rosy owl-clover rosy red minnows rosyface chub rosé wine rosé wines rot-producing fungi rota piechoty or pulse rotary encoder or pulse encoder rotary or pulse encoder traffic circle rotary aero-engines rotary air compressor rotary aircraft engine rotary automobile engines rotary bolt rotary brushes rotary cannon rotary cannons rotary car dumper rotary car dumpers rotary clubs rotary combination locks rotary combustion engine rotary compression rotary converter rotary converters rotary cutter rotary dial rotary dialing rotary dials rotary disc shutter rotary disc shutters rotary drill rotary drilling rotary dryers rotary encoder rotary encoders rotary engine rotary engined rotary engines rotary fan rotary feeder rotary flight rotary gap rotary hammer rotary hammer drill rotary hammers rotary harrow rotary head recorder rotary intersection rotary joint rotary joints rotary kiln rotary kilns rotary lathe rotary lawn mower rotary magazine rotary magnetic field rotary magnetic fields rotary motion rotary mower rotary phase converter rotary phone rotary phones rotary piston engine rotary pistons rotary polarization rotary potentiometer rotary power rotary powered rotary press rotary presses rotary printing rotary printing press rotary printing presses rotary printing-press rotary pump rotary rock bit rotary saw rotary saws rotary screw rotary shutter rotary snowplow rotary snowplows rotary stages rotary steam engine rotary switch rotary table rotary tables rotary telephone dial rotary telephones rotary tiller rotary tillerpage rotary tillers rotary tool rotary tools rotary transformer rotary transformers rotary traveling wave oscillator rotary valve rotary valved rotary valves rotary vane pump rotary vane pumps rotary variable differential transformer rotary wheel blow molding systems rotary wheel machinery rotary wing rotary wing aircraft rotary wing aviation rotary wings rotary woofer rotary-dial telephone rotary-wing aircraft rotary-winged aircraft rotatable designs rotate captains rotate laterally rotate left rotate plane polarized light rotate right rotate stock rotated around the axis rotates clockwise rotates laterally rotates medially rotates synchronously rotates the crop rotates the leg externally rotating action rotating around earth rotating axis rotating bands rotating barrel rotating beacon rotating beacons rotating biological contactors rotating black hole rotating black holes rotating block schedule rotating bolt rotating breechblock rotating bucket rotating calipers rotating crop cycle rotating crops rotating ellipsoidal rotating ellipsoidal variable rotating ellipsoidal variables rotating face seal rotating frame rotating frame of reference rotating habitats rotating head rotating line camera rotating machine rotating magnetic devices rotating magnetic field rotating magnetic fields rotating mirror shutters rotating neutron star rotating on its axis rotating position rotating presidencies rotating presidency rotating reference frame rotating reference frames rotating restaurant rotating ring disk electrode rotating savings and credit associations rotating shafts rotating shifts rotating shutter rotating speaker rotating spit rotating tank rotating their crops rotating tower restaurant rotating wall cloud rotating wave approximation rotating wheel space station rotating-anode type source rotation around a fixed axis rotation axes rotation axis rotation body rotation crop rotation curve rotation curves rotation group rotation groups rotation in office rotation invariance rotation matrices rotation matrix rotation number rotation of a rigid body rotation of crops rotation of galaxies rotation of the leg rotation operator rotation period rotation principle rotation rate rotation rates rotation speed rotation stages rotation subgroup rotation symmetry rotation system rotation systems rotation technique rotation-powered pulsar rotation-reflection axes rotation-reflection axis rotational axes rotational axis rotational barrier rotational constant rotational delay rotational drag coefficients rotational drive rotational dynamics rotational effects rotational energy rotational form rotational frame of reference rotational grazing rotational icosahedral group rotational inertia rotational instability rotational invariance rotational kinematics rotational kinetic energy rotational latency rotational malunion rotational mass rotational matrices rotational microwave spectrum rotational modes rotational molding rotational moment rotational motion rotational motion about a fixed axis rotational moulding rotational partition function rotational peaks rotational period rotational pole rotational slip rotational slipping rotational spectroscopy rotational speed rotational speeds rotational speeds of galaxies rotational structure rotational symmetric rotational symmetries rotational symmetry rotational symmetry with respect to any angle rotational temperatureˡ rotational transitions rotational velocity rotational velocity of this galaxy rotationally symmetric rotationally symmetrical rotations of 3-space rotator cuff rotator cuff surgery rotator cuff tear rotator cuffs rotatory magnetism rotavirus vaccine rote learn rote learning rote memorisation rote memorization rote memory rote style roti canai roti nan roti prata rotisserie chicken roto toms rotocast vinyl rotogravure printing rotomolded polyethylene rotor arm rotor attraction rotor blade rotor blades rotor blast rotor cipher machine rotor cipher machines rotor dynamics rotor head rotor hub rotor machine rotor machines rotor ship rotor wing rotoscoped animation rotten apple rotten borough rotten boroughs rotten egg rotten eggs rotten kid theorem rotten rascals rotten tomatoes rotting meat rotting vampire rotting vampires rotund rocksnail rotundity of the earth rouded up rouge wave rougeole virus rough art rough breathing rough collie rough consensus rough consensus and running code rough cut rough cutting rough diamonds rough draft rough eagle ray rough earth snake rough endoplasmic reticulum rough equivalent rough fish rough fuzzy hybridization rough graph rough grazing rough green rough green snake rough hornsnail rough interrogation rough laugh rough maple leaf pearly mussel rough mix rough musculae pectinati rough music rough pasture rough periwinkle rough pigtoe pearly mussel rough pomfret rough rice rough rider rough scad rough sculpin rough set rough set theory rough sets rough sleeper rough sleepers rough stock rough terrain forklifts rough trade rough water swim rough wooing rough-cast beaker rough-legged hawk rough-legged hawks rough-lined elimia rough-scaled bush viper rough-scaled tree viper rough-skinned newt rough-skinned sculpin rough-toothed dolphins rougheye rockfish roughing filters roughing pump roughing pumping roughing strategy roughing the kicker roughing the passer roughleaf dogwood roughness length roughnose wedgefish roughtail stingrays roul-roul partridges roulette wheel roulette wheel selection round 1 round 10 of the same season round 13 round 6 round angle round angles round arch round arched round arm right-arm slow bowler round arm slow right arm bowler round barn round barn era round barns round barrow round barrows round bilged hull round bottom flask round bottom flasks round brilliant round brilliant cut round brilliants round cairns round card girl round church round churches round dance round dances round dancing round dumplings round ebonyshell round file round forcing round fungus beetles round goby round hand round herring round herrings round hitch round house round houses round hut round kick round lashing round lashings round ligament round ligament of liver round ligament of the liver round ligament of the uterus round ligament of uterus round lime round metric round mirror plate round number round of 16 round of 32 round of applause round of beef round of drinks round of peace negotiations round of sixteen round off stretch jump round ray round rays round robin round robin dns round robin matches round robin tournament round robin tournaments round robins round rocksnail round rush round seizing round shield round shields round ship round ships round shot round shots round slitshell round squares round steak round steel round stingray round table round tables round the clock round the pole round the world round to nearest, ties to even round tower round tower churches round towered round towers round trip round trip delay round trip time round trip times round trips round turn round turn and two half hitches round two round up round up the usual suspects round ups round voyage manager round walk round warm round whitefish round window round woolen cap round writing round z round-arm bowling round-arm medium-fast bowler round-arm right-arm bowler round-bottom flask round-bottom flasks round-headed rampion round-leaved sundew round-off error round-off errors round-rib elimia round-robin format round-robin scheduling round-robin scheduling algorithm round-robin stories round-robin tournament round-robin tournaments round-tailed muskrat round-tailed paradise fish round-the-world flight round-the-world survey expedition round-the-world ticket round-to-even rule round-topped firebox round-tower church round-tower churches round-trip delay time round-trip efficiency round-trip engineer round-trip engineering round-trip format conversion round-trip gain round-trip loss round-trip time round-trip translation round-wound strings roundabout dog roundabout interchange roundabout intersection roundabout playpump roundarm bowler roundarm bowling roundarm era roundarm revolution roundarm trial matches rounded armour rounded binary rounded binary forms rounded characters rounded or unrounded rounded suit rounded suits rounded up by the police rounded vowel rounded vowels roundel dagger roundel enclosure roundhead galaxias roundhouse kick roundhouse kicks rounding and backing rounding error rounding errors rounding mode rounding schemes rounding up roundleaf bat roundleaf dogwood roundleaf sundew roundleaf tick-trefoil roundnose grenadier roundoff error rounds of drinks rounds per minute roundtooth hap rous sarcoma virus rouse anti-Japanese sentiment route 1 route 10 route 12 route 14 route 15 route 16 route 18 route 19 route 2 route 21 route 22 route 23 route 24 route 25 route 26 route 27 route 28 route 3 route 30 route 32 route 35 route 36 route 37 route 38 route 38A route 4 route 40 route 42 route 44 route 45 route 46 route 48 route 49 route 5 route 51 route 52 route 53 route 55 route 56 route 57 route 59 route 6 route 60 route 63 route 64 route 65 route 66 route 67 route 68 route 7 route 70 route 71 route 71 trackless trolley route 72 route 73 route 74 route 75 route 75 tram route 76 route 77 route 8 route 82 route 83 route 84 route 85 route 86 route 87 route 88