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A glass of root beer with foam.

Alternative forms[edit]


From root and beer. First recorded in 1841.


IPA(key): /ˈɹut ˌbɪɹ/


root beer (countable and uncountable, plural root beers)

  1. A beverage, most often a carbonated soft drink made from a combination of vanilla, cherry tree bark, licorice root, sarsaparilla root, sassafras root bark, nutmeg, anise, and molasses, among other things.
  2. A dark reddish-brown color, like the drink.
    • 2000, Leaves of Grass, by Mark Z. Danielewski, pg. 26
      I just keep staring at all the ink we have, that wild variety of color, everything from rootbeer, midnight blue and cochineal to mauve, light doe, lilac, south sea green, maize, even pelican black, all line up in these plastic caps...
    • 2006, Bows, Swamps, Whitetails. Tim Lewis. pg. 28.
      most of our bucks have antlers that are varying degrees of brown, from a deep rich root beer shade to walnut to even light amber.
    root beer colour:  


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root beer f (plural root beers)

  1. root beer (beverage made with sarsaparilla root)