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Summary of checks on Han character entries from UCS hex 20000 to 200FF, run on 20 August 2010 XML dump of the en.wikt.

This is one row (sometimes called a block) of the Unified Han characters; see the Unihan database for this row.


  • The simple meaning shown is just the first # definition line in the entry, regardless of language.
  • Exceptions may not be errors, rather things that did not "pass" rather simple checks; some less used level 4 headers, etc. may show up.
  • Some exceptions may mask others, for example if the horizontal rule ending a section is reported missing, missing POS headers or definitions in that section will not be reported.
  • A major error (bad L2 header) will cause details to be suppressed, also if there are simply too many exceptions.
  • Cruft refers to the format, not the content!

This page is generated by 'bot code, and is completely over-written on each run, so it isn't very useful to edit it.

UCS Simple meaning {{defn}} languages Exceptions
20000 𠀀 the sound made by breathing in cmn
20001 𠀁 (original form of ) seven cmn
20005 𠀅 alternate form of cmn
20009 𠀉 (same as ) hill, elder, empty, a name cmn
200A2 𠂢 Radical number missing
Radical missing
Additional strokes parameter missing or incorrect
No definition line for Translingual
Han ref template in Translingual Han character section missing
No language section found
200C9 𠃉 Lua error in Module:labels/templates at line 48: Please enter a language code in the first parameter. swallow Radical number missing
No definition line for Translingual
Mandarin Hanzi section missing