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This template can produce conjugation tables for Catalan verbs of the first conjugation that are regular or are regular except for consonant mutation when the termination of a form that replaces the -ar of the infintive begins with an e or i.


This template has two unnamed parameters and two named parameters, head, and title.


The first unnamed parameter is required and is the stem of the verb.

To produce the conjugation table for cantar one could use {{ca-conj-ar|cant}} and get:


The second unnamed parameter is the mutated stem required by verbs ending -car, -çar, -gar, -guar, -jar, or -quar when the ending for a form begins with e or i. In normal use this parameter would be supplied by calls from {{ca-conj-car}}, etc.

To produce the conjugation table for trencar one could use {{ca-conj-ar|trenc|trenqu}} and get:


This named parameter is used to override the default value of the infinitive which is {{SUBPAGENAME}}. It's primary use is to make examples on this documentation page as they would in an actual entry. Without this parameter the conjugation table for cantar above would be:


This named parameter allows for the complete replacement of the title.

To note the fact that the consonant mutation occurs in trencar in the title of the navframe, one could use {{ca-conj-ar|trenc|trenqu|title=First conjugation with mutation of ''c'' to ''qu'': ''trencar''}} and get:

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