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information Robert Ullmann passed away on March 19, 2011 in Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston at an age of 50 years.
en This user is a native speaker of English.
sw-1 Mtumiaji huyu aweza kushiriki kwa Kiswahili cha kiwango cha msingi.
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My name is really Robert Ullmann. I am best known on the net as the author of a number of Internet RFCs. I live in Nairobi, Kenya.

I am a contributor to (and sysop on) Wiktionary and sometimes to Wikipedia (See w:User:Robert Ullmann)

I am the sysop for Wikamusi ya Kiswahili, the Swahili wikt, where I run a 'bot to add entries for other languages (called "Kompyuta" of course.)

Things I am working on:

  • Running User:AutoFormat
  • Also Interwicket and Tbot
  • Format of Han character entries
  • Learning Kiswahili and possibly some Kinyarwanda

Note that there is an "E-mail this user" link to the left.

Useful pages: I have various bits of Python code that analyze the wikt database in various ways.

(all subpages from here) (this is not complete because MW broke Special:PrefixIndex)

lists of things to be fixed or cleaned up in some way

other useful reports

  • L2 — analysis of level 2 (language) headers
  • L3 — analysis of level 3 (POS) headers
  • L4-5 — analysis of headers at level 4 and 5
  • Language templates — analysis of the language code templates
  • Trans language — analysis of language names used in Translations sections
  • Contexts — analysis of context labels written with ()'s
  • Context labels — analysis of context label templates
  • Oldest redlinks — the "red links" from the oldest entries in the wikt
  • Missing — words used in definitions in the wikt that are not themselves headwords
  • Han — report on all of the entries for individual Han characters, with remaining format problems
  • Mandarin Pinyin — report on the pinyin references from the Han characters and updates to the pinyin syllable entries
  • Korean Yale — one time report by the bot when fixing 1000 or so errors in the Yale romanization in the Han entries
  • Chinese indexes — report of moving and re-checking the moves to the Index: namespace
  • Radicals — analysis of problems and report on 'bot adding radical numbers

These are run after XML dumps, and are current as of the dates shown in the reports. I don't try to run all of them each time (and the Korean Yale is a one-off). If something you want is out of date feel free to prod me.

It is fine to section edit the reports of problems in some lists (Missing, Oldest redlinks), but note the 'bot is going to overwrite your work at some point, which will of course incorporate what you fixed.