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occurances of mismatched wikisyntax

  • from XML dump as of 11 July 2010, checked against live wiki 19 July 2010
  • checks that (), [], {} match, correctly nested
  • matches may not be perfect at this point
  • of course, some of these are not errors
  • some entries are listed as "stops" and not shown (smiley ;-)
  • stops in effect: (, ), -), 1@ContraShoulder-FingerBack 1@IpsiShoulder-FingerBack 1@Abdomen-FingerBack, ;), ;-), Billy Bunter, Kindelbier, Mitteleuropa, Monster Raving Loony, Sarajevo, Slavonic, TEST, Usona, Usonia, Usono, Viking, Watergate, ^ ^, agha, amazing, anthropophilic, argismo, argumentums ad hominem, career-limiting move, confuzzle, confuzzled, confuzzles, dwindle, dyscrasy, eight, fellare, gayer, gaymer, gente, gentle, google, gorp, greets, gu, horrifying, inde, kri, left bracket, lustration, makat, make whoopee, nimrod, no strings attached, nom, nom de plume, oontz, parenthesis, pizza bone, polar cone, ppl, press, quinella, rational numbers, read somebody the riot act, right bracket, scion, shady, slave, smiley, snausage, snowmeow, square bracket, sulje, t'internet, treeify, unct, unæsthetic, verbatim, vivianite, vízkő, while loop, yoghurt, zgodovina, zo'obu, à pied, á, æ, íntegro, батюшка, वसति, ἀπροσδόκητος, ἀτελείωτος, ἄδικος, ἰῶτα, ἱπποτοξότης, ☺, シ, 농어, 탑, (, )
    from User:Robert Ullmann/Mismatched wikisyntax/stops
  • multiline templates ignored at present: Chechen-decl, Cuneiform sign, Fallbeyging, Latin-decl, Latin-decl-irreg, Letter, ar-conj-derived-nouns, ar-prep-inflection, arabic-dialect-pronunciation, arc-decl-noun, arz-conj-fi3il-yif3al, arz-prep-inflection, ase-adv, attention, bs-decl-noun, ca-conj, ca-conj-refl, ca-conj-table, ce-decl-noun, cite book, cite news, cite web, cite-book, cs-conj, cs-decl-noun, cs-decl-pron-adj, cs-noun-decl, csb-decl-noun, csb-decl-noun-pl, csb-decl-noun-sing, da-noun-infl-base, de-declension, dsb-decl-noun, examples-right, fi-decl, fi-decl-pron, fr-conj, fr-conj-refl, fr-conj-table, ga-prep-infl, ga-prep-infl-h, ga-verb-conj irreg, ga-verb-conj-irreg, grc-decl-blank-F-sp, grc-decl-blank-M-sp, grc-decl-blank-sp, gv-prep-infl, he-conj, he-conj-pa'al-'ef'ol-sh'leimim, he-conj-paal-ef'al-sh'lemim, he-decl-noun, he-decl-noun-segolate, he-prep-inflection, he-prep-sing, hi-conj-1, hr-conj, hr-decl-noun, hsb-decl-noun, hsb-decl-noun-sing, is-decl-noun, is-decl-noun-sg, it-conj, it-conj-are, it-conj-arsi, it-conj-ere, it-conj-ersi, it-conj-ire, it-conj-irsi, ja-kref, ja-readings, kjh-decl-noun-man, ko-conj-adj, ko-conj-verb, ko-pron, la-decl-pl, la-timeline, li-conj8, lt-conj, lt-decl-noun, lt-decl-noun-stress, mk-infl, mk-inflection, mk-verb, ml-noun-n, no-noun-infl, only in, pl-conj-1, pl-conj-ai, pl-conj-ap, pl-decl-adj, pl-decl-noun, pl-decl-noun-dual, pl-decl-noun-pl, pl-decl-noun-sing, projectlinks, quote-book, quote-journal, quote-magazine, quote-news, quote-newsgroup, quote-us-patent, quote-video, reference-book, reference-journal, ro-conj-2, ro-conj-phrase, ro-decl-adj-2, ro-decl-noun, ru-decl-noun, ru-decl-noun-pl, ru-decl-noun-unc, ru-noun, ru-noun1, ru-verb, ru-verb-1, ru-verb-1-impf, ru-verb-1-pf, ru-verb-pf, ru-verbal-forms-impf, ru-verbal-forms-pf, ru-verbs, sa-decl-noun, sa-decl-noun-i-m, sa-decl-noun-i-n, sa-decl-noun-ī, sa-decl-noun-ū, scn-conj, sequence box, sh-decl-noun, sl-decl-noun, sl-decl-noun-2, sl-decl-noun-unc, sq-conj, sr-conj, sr-decl-noun, stroke order, sv-noun-nolink, timeline, tk-decl-noun-man, tr-decl-noun, tr-decl-noun-sing, tr-decl-noun-unc, tr-pos, tr-to be, uk-decl-noun
    from User:Robert Ullmann/Mismatched wikisyntax/multiline
  • contents of SAMPA template ignored, as SAMPA uses {, also tries to avoid others by looking for /...{.../, but may miss something or produce spurious errors as a result
  • also X-SAMPA, and brackets as well as slashes
  • 723 total problems, limit of 1000 shown

Please do section edit and remove completed entries, the automation will then recheck them. If you do most of a section but not quite all, feel free to just blank the section, any leftovers will get picked up again.