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From obsolete (middle?) French registration (modern cognate enrégistrement) or directly from Middle Latin registratio, from registrare 'to register' (cognate with registrarius), from registrum 'register', an alteration of Late Latin regesta "list, matters recorded", from the neuter plural of regestus, the past participle of regerere "to record, literally to carry back", itself from re- "back" + gerere "carry, bear"; the musical senses may well derive directly from register


registratie f (plural registraties, diminutive registratietje n)

  1. A registration, the act of registering or being registered
  2. An office in charge of registrations, especially when it also receives correlated payment of tax or other levies
  3. (music) A registration, the act of selecting stops on an organ
  4. (music) A specific setting thus achieved

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