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a schorpioen, black scorpion (arachnid)


From Middle Dutch scorpioen, from Old French scorpion, from Latin scorpiō, from Ancient Greek σκορπιᬝος (skorpiᬝos).


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schorpioen m (plural schorpioenen, diminutive schorpioentje n)

  1. (zoology) A scorpion, an arachnid with a venomous sting
  2. (historical) The scorpio, an ancient single-arm catapult
  3. (figuratively, pejorative) A vicious, dangerous person; tormentor
  4. Vernacular names for other species:
    1. any lizard
    2. the European mole cricket, Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa
    3. a certain weed; shortened from the derived term schorpioenkruid

Derived terms[edit]