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Analysis of L4 and L5 headers[edit]


  • There is no official list of L4 headers at present, the WT:ELE examples are a subset of those considered acceptable.
  • POS and L3 headers can occur at L4 when under distinguished etymologies.
  • Some headers show up at level 6, at the beginning of the invalid table, the only valid case here is "Translations to be checked"
  • This is an analysis, it is not a policy document.

Valid L4-5 headers[edit]

as of 7 October 2009

Header Occurs Notes
Abbreviation 92 standard non-POS header
Acronym 6 standard non-POS header
Adjective 1527 standard POS header
Adverb 310 standard POS header
Alternative spellings 1443 standard L3 header
Antonyms 12400 standard L4 header
Article 22 standard POS header
Cardinal number 29 Number/Numeral variations
Compounds 3309 valid at L4 in single Han character entries, not checked
Conjugation 27323 standard L4 header
Conjunction 152 standard POS header
Contraction 21 standard non-POS header
Coordinate terms 633 standard L4 header
Counter 7 standard POS header
Declension 64305 standard L4 header
Derived terms 52600 standard L4 header
Descendants 8115 standard L4 header
External links 2187 standard L4 header
Holonyms 58 standard L4 header
Homophones 679 used at L4 in Pronunciation sections, not checked
Hypernyms 489 standard L4 header
Hyponyms 857 standard L4 header
Idiom 7 standard non-POS header
Inflection 13678 standard L4 header
Initialism 4 standard non-POS header
Interjection 175 standard POS header
Letter 44 standard non-POS header
Meronyms 78 standard L4 header
Noun 9820 standard POS header
Number 14 Number/Numeral variations
Numeral 60 Number/Numeral variations
Ordinal number 4 Number/Numeral variations
Phrase 6 standard non-POS header
Prefix 74 standard POS header
Preposition 103 standard POS header
Pronoun 338 standard POS header
Pronunciation 2252 standard L3 header
Proper noun 370 standard POS header
Proverb 4 standard non-POS header
Quotations 3938 standard L4 header
Readings 13460 valid at L4 in single Kanji entries, not checked
References 25768 standard L4 header
Related terms 85511 standard L4 header
Scientific names 367 standard L4 header
See also 20081 standard L4 header
Suffix 141 standard POS header
Symbol 50 standard non-POS header
Synonyms 64388 standard L4 header
Translations 55180 standard L4 header
Troponyms 16 standard L4 header
Usage notes 11324 standard L4 header
Verb 5176 standard POS header

Invalid L4-5 headers[edit]

as of 7 October 2009

Header Occurs Examples
=Alternative spellings= 1 learned
=Antonyms= 1 learned
=Compounds= 1
=Conjugation= 1 печь
=Declension= 4 vera norja вера कु
=Derived terms= 3 learned summa høl
=Descendants= 2 porta palma
=Inflection= 7 porta summa fides palma palma høl auraria
=Readings= 1
=References= 4 høl høl høl
=Related terms= 6 a- porta summa palma лох auraria
=See also= 1 porta
=Synonyms= 8 learned let palma лох høl høl høl auraria
=Translations= 6 learned learned foil rush purport purport
=Usage notes= 2 learned høl
Abbreviation/Acronym 1 bezicleta tot terrén
Abbreviations 229 hour third sixth ninth eleventh twelfth thirteenth fifteenth voornamelijk quantity Saskatchewan seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth twentieth twenty-third
Adnominal 1
Af'el construction 1 אבד
Affix 2 -o- -i-
Altered Terms 1 捨てる
Alternate 2 九九 九々
Alternate form 2 目覚める 目ざめる
Alternate romanizations 1 pyeong
Alternative forms 981 A 明るい y o i i i second second bot bot first translation or SP OK VA slim preposition bought dove learned 行く stung strewed
Alternative inflections 1 acheronensis
America 1 -ville
Anagrams 155 most blow lost kin user Uranus PIE PEI vale resign feeling united birdsong filtration flirtation interim cruelty irksome baisser ingestion
Anti-proverb 1 蛙の子は蛙
Antonym 1 ne
Auxiliary Verb 1 過ぎる
Botanical names 1 葛根
Canada 1 -ville
Classifier 1 ຄັນ
Collocations 3 comment hermeneutisch verkering
Combined forms 1 con
Common exceptions 1 exceptio beneficium de duobus vel pluribus reis debendi
Complex 1
Compound words 1 náttúra
Conjugated as 1 hålla av
Construction 8 閉める 開く 開ける tricu zgana 化ける 化かす li'i
Cyrillic spelling 550 one Honduras Laos Niger Nepal Portugal Aruba Jupiter voz Delhi do Madras Rom lift k TV li ne po pa Kabul Manila Milan Tirana
Declension 1 (fem.) 4 bisen æþelu ansien stæger
Declension 1 (masc.) 6 est leod steall fulwiht -eld
Declension 1 (neut.) 6 -en lac westen lieg þyld ielden
Declension 2 (fem.) 7 est -en lac leod þyld ielden
Declension 2 (masc.) 2 westen lieg
Declension 2 (neut.) 7 bisen æþelu steall ansien fulwiht -eld stæger
Declension 3 (fem.) 2 westen fulwiht
Derivation 2 abandono rega
Derivations 1 Ameriko
Derivatives 2 fit hana
Derived characters 7
Derived symbols 1 !
Descendant terms 3 levis stealcian porculus
Determiner 35 dat zijn mi us dis je אלה אף jullie 이상한 이상한 no 오른 오른 זו 지적
Devanagari spelling 702 اب اب اب اسم اسم پینا تھوکنا ڈکار کھلنا کھلنا اٹا نان بات ام ام گورستان گندا سلطان بیگم سلوار قمیض خرگوش سسا آب شاہین
Dictionary information 5 zhiishiib zhiishiib zhiishiibens boogijizh aaba'
Dictionary notes 83 secret naff tenno sango fried egg nuclear leaf storm gook pasty pastie quob paste résumé themself yoghurt ferroequinology artifact artefact
Documentation 1 xòy-
Dérived terms 1 abréger
Etymology 28 let です lot isa premises rauha 一日 ます leit flitter Արարատ gita aussehen paitsi ἰός aufnehmen korkeakoulu høl høl høl akusto
Etymology 1 3 let ἰός полька
Etymology 2 3 let ἰός полька
Etymology 3 1 ἰός
Etymology notes 1 수레
Eumhun reading 1 古琴
Examples 5 diddle 擬人化 laconism sonichima 過ぎる
Expression 2 o vlak
Expressions 9 ter corda hol gaan gustar maken uil daarop zin
Forms 25 ס־פ־ק ז־כ־ר פ־ס־ד פ־ח־ד מ־ש־ך ז־ה־ר ש־ט־ח ל־מ־ד צ־ד־ק ח־ב־ר א־ב־ד י־ל־ד פ־ש־ט овој оваа ова овие פ־ט־ר צ־ל־ם ב־ו־א כ־ו־ן ה־ר־ס
Gregg 1 abduction
Hanja homophones 9
Hanja with this reading 3
Hiragana character 16 na
Homographs 2 ᠤᠷᠲᠤ ᠣᠷᠳᠤ
Homonyms 16 miner oath ur staid 一物 stayed Färse tarot fällen cops babel alternativity баян Ուրան πιο urð
Hyphenation 39 aboriginality mundo spoon-feed proton cursed accréditation magazine macadamization grasshopper backboard cadaver executioner mucus puppet ala ala húngara
Idioms 68 Nebel kieli hattu kuivua nauraa köyhä terve silmä mitta 授業 伝言 это shaku 泳ぐ kakku varjo 地下 愛護 精神
Imperative 2 sieltan æþryttan
Indicative 4 sieltan sieltan æþryttan æþryttan
Infinitive marker 1 att
Infinitives 1 malo
Inflected infinitive 1 æþryttan
Inflectional suffix 1
Interfix 2 -o- -i-
Ithpaal construction 1 אבד
Kanji 60 尿
Kanji reading 10 はく ちゅう
Kun reading of: 4 のり たち めい しる
Kun-reading of: 44 あい いく その あく じょう ひと さん いつ なんじ さけ たま あつ くつ こち しき もく もと まつ おか とも つね えち なんぞ ひかり たぐい すく
Ligatures 17
Links 1 Zhytomyr
List of words beginning with tidar- 1 tidar-
Measure word 1 豎琴
Measure words 1 竖琴
Mutation 599 cat te can can cum ci India dual dear mill both tan tin ban dia bore teach tit bil du fear chan than brat cwm biliwn
Nanori reading 1 やす
Nanori-reading of: 2 てん さん
Nominal forms 1 ב־ו־ש
Note 11 stór under the gun black-eyed pea cédé klömme zwömme klèmme かべん kaben
Note on complex forms 1 できる
Notes 1 religious naturalism
Noun 1 18 lieu sino cedro jota steor 変化 decano 白酒 scompiglio גרבא קטמא daga ös gaceta joia schlager loef
Noun 2 18 laser lieu sino cedro jota steor 変化 decano 白酒 scompiglio גרבא קטמא ös gaceta joia schlager loef
Noun 3 2 jota daga
Noun form 1 таз
Obsolete on-reading of: 1 ひょく
Official Cyrillic spelling 1 zato
On reading of: 4 ろう たち めい ちつ
On'yomi 1 byō
On'yomi readings 1 びょう
On-reading of rare kanji: 1 ひょく
On-reading of: 95 あい いく そう ぞう あく じょう しょう こん れつ じん にん でん えん さん たん がん しゃ しょ けつ いん きょ らん ろく
Orphaned information 7 beurtbalkje 柚子 실내복
Other Roman orthographies 2 boogijizh aaba'
Other Syllabic forms 2 boogijizh aaba'
Other info 3
Other orthographies 1 tchestea
Paal constuction 1 אבד
Participle 192 visa visa rosa format sieltan sieltan æþryttan æþryttan ovate strata saltus amatis passus legatum legatis privatus victus conditus conditus
Participles 41 rach nigh stad malo brod crith dèan cuir thoir ceannaich beir faigh faic abair cluinn snàmh failc rannsaich àraich caidil sgrìobh
Particle 46 ж na na lah like 's å å かな いし і kuin الا
Past Tense 1 sieltan
Past tense 1 æþryttan
Peal construction 1 אבד
Phrases 26 ending casa puhua vitt spara hetta stek ske huuli työaika vackert låda köra länge 網羅 衝動 smaklig bevisa
Piel construction 1 אבד
Postposition 7 पर پر takaa luo fele میں
Present tense 1 æþryttan
Production 4 OpenB@NearSideTrunkhigh-PalmBack Nod OpenB@NearSideTrunkhigh-PalmBack Nod SmallO@NearSfhead-PalmBack Release SmallO@NearSfhead-PalmBack Release
Pronunciation 1 34 learned visa vera porta siyam siyam summa purport legitimate palma palma legatis sextuplicate suferi levigaveris levigaveris levigaverimus levigaverimus
Pronunciation 2 36 learned visa vera porta siyam siyam summa purport legitimate кола palma palma signa legatis sextuplicate suferi levigaveris levigaveris levigaverimus
Pronunciation 3 1 גזא
Proverbs 7 liha yrittää yhteistyö laiteta yrittänyt altis
Qal construction 1 אבד
Reciprocal 2 入れる 入る
Related Symbols 2
Related entries 1 μονάδα
Related phrases 1 おめでとう
Related symbols 1 !
Related term 1 survoler
Relation 1 grandnephew
Relations 1 first cousin
Roman spelling 552 указ о ж и у по по где где да српски српски Ирак Србин из -ун- веверица его тимпан старојеврејска харфа чимбала Бутан Босна и Херцеговина
Romanization 1 Михайло
Romanizations 5
See also= 2 bitmek muss-be
See əlso 1 കൂത്തിപ്പട്ടി
Shorthand 4 abandon abandoned abatable ability
Similar terms 9 突如 할머니 brigadier 演奏家 演奏者 자매 battle fatigue mesoplanet
Singular 1 Malina
Sources 1 förföra
Story 1 launa lambið gráa
Subjunctive 4 sieltan sieltan æþryttan æþryttan
Syllable 249
Transformation 1 bokep
Transformations 3 ziigwan boogijizh aaba'
Translation 1 a drop in the ocean
Trivia 29 the LA anticonstitutionnellement quixotry tonto honorificabilitudinitatibus knack latchstring promiscuous watchstrap autochthonous startling stewardesses humuhumunukunukuapuaa
Uncommon On-reading of: 4 いつ しつ まん しち
Uncommon on-reading of: 1 ちゅん
Uncommon reading of: 1 れち
Urdu spelling 663 घृणा करना गज यदि गृह वली गाड़ी एक एक तीन पंख पर पर पर मातृ शुक्रिया धन्यवाद घृणा ग्रह गणेश मन्दिर मत्स्य ज़हर सफ़ेद
Usage 11 Vietnam Burma he jibe Αθήνα -eg- Αθηνά bedragen -aĉ- мэ̇-сь pozos termales
Usage note 2 gaaf liplezen
Variant reading 2 mmʽ
Variant spellings 1 follican
Variants 1 即碼
Verb form 116 men zak bef ver ver torta torte sale wilde revenue hoop kies negen negen lever lever lever log log rad boor calcio bacio
Verbal forms 1 ב־ו־ש
Verbal noun 2 دين دين
Words 1 launa lambið gráa
[[w:Variant Chinese character|Variant Chinese characters]] 1
{{abbreviation|...}} 6 be ж ж ma I ז״ל
{{abbreviation}} 33 A ab de de it del OK do d pet eng IV ea reg q.v. q.v. hep st gal rev mob a Av B D mo twp wotcher ae
{{acronym}} 5 cola REM woof sam cub
{{initialism}} 23 KGB KGB BX na IV aim LSD LSD LSD hep SOS TID TID GSV CVC CVP FRCP CSF NPK LEA D&C dwt dwt
Тranslations 1 beastly