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From Latin sextuplicātus, past participle form of sextuplicāre (to sextuple), from sextuplus (sixfold), from sextus (sixth) (from sex (six)) + -plus (-fold) (from plicare (to fold)).



sextuplicate (not comparable)

  1. Six times the number, volume, length, etc. (of something else).
    The customer ordered a sextuplicate quantity.
  2. Comprising six identical parts.
    Benzene is a sextuplicate hydrocarbon.


sextuplicate (plural sextuplicates)

  1. A series, set, collection, or group of six identical copies of something.
    • 1945: United States Twelfth Army, Report of Operations: Final After Action Report, PAGE UNKNOWN
      If the official receipt is not available, the appropriate CA officer will prepare a similar receipt in sextuplicate.
    • 1985: Erich Segal, The Class, p28 (Bantam Books, →ISBN
      …signed (in quadruplicate for the Financial Office, quintuplicate for the Registrar, and, inexplicably, sextuplicate for the Health Department).


sextuplicate (third-person singular simple present sextuplicates, present participle sextuplicating, simple past and past participle sextuplicated)

  1. (transitive) To make six copies of.
    Sextuplicate this document for me, please.

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