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English numbers (edit)
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    Cardinal: six
    Ordinal: sixth
    Latinate ordinal: senary
    Adverbial: six times
    Multiplier: sixfold
    Latinate multiplier: sextuple
    Distributive: sextuply
    Collective: half-dozen, sixsome
    Multiuse collective: sextuplet, hextuplet
    Greek or Latinate collective: hexad
    Greek collective prefix: hexa-
    Latinate collective prefix: sexa-
    Fractional: sixth
    Latinate fractional prefix: sextant-
    Elemental: sextuplet, hextuplet
    Greek prefix: ecto-
    Number of musicians: sextet
    Number of years: sexennium


From Middle English sexfold, from Old English sixfeald. Equivalent to six +‎ -fold.


sixfold (not comparable)

  1. Having six times as much or as many.
  2. Having six component parts.
    The method is sixfold, and I will tell you what the six steps you must take are.
    1605, Andrew Willet, Hexapla in Geneſin, That Is, A Sixfold Commentarie Upon Genesis, wherein ſixe ſeverall tranſlations, that is the Septuagint, and the Chalde, two Latin, of Hierome, and Tremellius, two Engliſh, the great Bible , and the Geneva edition are compared.



sixfold (not comparable)

  1. Times six, multiplied by six.
    I will return your investment sixfold. That's right, you'll have 600% of what you started with.
    1885, Alexander Campbell, Speeches on Divers Occasions, page 101, "[He] would state that in [1842, there were] 3,448 letters ... received, and in 1865 [that total was] 18,222, or nearly sixfold more.