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From verkeren (make out) +‎ -ing (-ing).



verkering f (plural verkeringen, diminutive verkerinkje n)

  1. (Netherlands) The state of having a relationship, of going out together.
    • 2008, Bram Bakker, “Dikke billen, nou en?”, in: De dwarse psychiater, Uitgeverij Maarten Muntinga, Amsterdam, →ISBN, p. 168
      Het doet me denken aan iets wat mijn zoon vertelde. Die is dertien en heeft voor het eerst verkering.
      It reminds me of something my son told me. He is thirteen and goes with a girl for the first time.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Since it is mainly used for children and youth, it has a connotation of not being very serious or long-lasting. Once it turns out to be more serious, one would use one of the synonyms, such as relatie, or speak of vriend (boyfriend)/vriendin (girlfriend).
  • commonly collocates with hebben met