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Particularly: “Specifically by senses, some senses of 分 seem to have long pronunciations”

Etymology 1[edit]

뵨 ←

붠 →



  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of , , and .

Etymology 2[edit]

Sino-Korean word from  (“minute”)


‎(bun) ‎(hanja )

  1. (time) minute
    • 8시 45분
      8si 45bun
      8:45 (time)

Etymology 3[edit]

Possibly from Chinese / ("part, portion").



  1. (honorific) person



  1. (honorific) people (honorific counter)
    • ; 두; 세; 네
      hanbun; dubun; sebun; nebun
      one person; two people; three people; four people
Usage notes[edit]

As with most count words (a.k.a. classifiers), (bun) is preceded by native Korean numerals. More technically, 분 is classified as a "counter," not a noun. The concept of a counter is unusual in English, but common in Korean. It is the equivalent of the word "loaf" in three loaves of bread.

See also[edit]
  • (si, “o'clock”), 시간 (sigan, “hours”), (beon, “times”), (sal, “years”), 사람 (saram, “people”), (gap, “packs”), 마리 (mari, “animals”), (gwon, “volumes”), (chae, “houses”)