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Character  채 
Unicode block Hangul Syllables
Codepoint U+CC44
Composition +
Dubeolsik keyboard entry c-o


Etymology 1[edit]

차 ←

챠 →


(transliterations: RR chae, RRT , McCune–Reischauer ch'ae, Yale chay)

  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of and .

Etymology 2[edit]

Of native Korean origin.



  1. A whip
    팽이를 로 치다. (He) hits the spinning top with a whip.
  2. Counter for houses:
    집 한 One house.
  3. A thin strip
    무우를 를 치다. Cut white radish into thin strips.
  4. A continuing state
    옷을 입은 . while wearing clothes / without undressing
  5. A Korean family name (hanja:)



  1. Not yet, still... not
    숙제를 마치기도 전에 잠이 들었다. He fell asleep before he finished the homework.