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Now predominantly considered to be from weiß (white) +‎ Bier (beer), since the word was formerly also sometimes used for beers made from grains other than wheat. The alternative theory derives it from Weiße(n), an old and dialectally still widespread variant of Weizen (wheat). The latter word would seem at least to have reinforced the restriction.

Cognate with Hunsrik Weisbier.


  • IPA(key): /ˈvaɪ̯sˌbiːɐ̯/
  • Hyphenation: Weiß‧bier
  • (file)


Weißbier n (genitive Weißbieres or Weißbiers, plural Weißbiere)

  1. weissbier (Bavarian beer made from wheat)
    Synonyms: Weizenbier, Weizen
  2. (dated or specialist) one of a variety of other beers, such as Berliner Weiße


Further reading[edit]

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