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WiFi (countable and uncountable, plural WiFis)

  1. Alternative spelling of Wi-Fi


WiFi (third-person singular simple present WiFis, present participle WiFi-ing, simple past and past participle WiFied)

  1. Alternative form of Wi-Fi
    • 2003, The Information Management Journal - Volume 37, Issues 1-5, page 17:
      A WiFi-ing We Will Go ?
    • 2017 July 5, Derek Abraham, “Vivo, Oppo, IPL, and the Chinese invasion of cricket”, in The Hindu:
      Just like the aforementioned consumer and durable products made their way into the remotest parts of the country, the smartphones are 4G-ing and WiFi-ing their way into the hamlets today.
    • 2020 January 20, Linda Harris, “EGCC making plans for the future”, in The Steubenville Herald Star:
      But during the past three capital bills, we’ve probably spent more than $5 million on laboratories, the Gator Center (updates), fully WiFi-ing the campus and campus security,” a $500,000 card-based system for faculty and students.



WiFi m or f (in variation) (usually uncountable, plural WiFis)

  1. Alternative spelling of wi-fi