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Category:Ido verbs contains the present infinitive forms of verbs, which are the lemmas. The present infinitives all end in -ar, and all Ido verbs are regular.

For verb entries, use a "Conjugation" subheader with template {{io-verb-conj}} under it.

Pronouns vs. Determiners[edit]

If a word stands in place of a noun, it is a pronoun, and if it stands in place of an adjective, it is a determiner. For example, "ica" is a demonstrative determiner and "ico" a demonstrative pronoun; "mea" a possessive determiner and "meo" a possessive pronoun.


Cardinal numbers shall go under the header "Cardinal number" instead of under the header "Numeral", and categorized in "io:Cardinal numbers". Ordinal numbers, all ending in suffix -esma=-esm-+-a, shall go under the header "Ordinal number" and categorized in "io:Ordinal numbers".

Hyphens will be used for compound numbers, for example 17 = dek-e-sep, 584 = kinacent-e-okadek-e-quar.