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Proper noun[edit]


  1. Alternative spelling of Wyandot
    • 1902, Robert B. Ross (ed.), History of the Knaggs family of Ohio and Michigan[1], retrieved 2013-07-22, page 12:
      As they approached Knaggs recognized among them Jack Brandy, a Wyandotte chief, and George Blue Jacket, a Shawnee chief.
    • 1915 October 26, “Indian Woman Lawyer in Court”, in New York Times[2]:
      The first Indian woman who ever appeared before the Supreme Court as a lawyer was admitted to practice there today. She is Mrs. Lyda B. Conley of Kansas City, a member of the Wyandotte tribe.


Wyandotte (plural Wyandottes or Wyandotte)

  1. A member of the Wyandotte people.
  2. (plural always with "-s") A breed of poultry.
    • The Wyandotte is the classic example of a fine breed which has been spoiled through over-concentration on eggs to the detriment of other characteristics. (See ref. p39.)

Derived terms[edit]


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