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From Catalan xueta.


Xueta (plural Xuetes)

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  1. One of a strictly endogamous social group on the island of Majorca, descendants of Majorcan Jews who either converted to Christianity or were forced to keep their religion hidden.
    • 1976, Kenneth Moore, Those of the street: the Catholic-Jews of Mallorca:
      I remember being insulted as a child, being called a Xueta fool by playmates, and once someone spit in my face. There has always existed a sense of community among Xuetas and from my grandparents I learned pride in being a Xueta []
    • 2009, Peter Wade, Race, Ethnicity and Nation: Perspectives from Kinship and Genetics, page 131:
      But maybe it is more relevant for my purpose, which is to show the creativity of alliances, to concentrate on the question of the ethnic boundary between Xuetes and Old Christians []