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Alternative forms[edit]


From Yule +‎ -fest, possibly modelled after German Julfest. Compare also Dutch joelfeest, Danish julefest, Swedish julfest.

Proper noun[edit]

Yulefest (plural Yulefests)

  1. The celebration or festival of Yule; midwinter feast.
    • 1996, Australian Hotelier: Official National Magazine of the Australian Hotels Association, Volume 13:
      Through June and July, the resort celebrates Yulefest and fully decorates the venue with Christmas decorations and offer special Yuletide banquets and dining.
    • 2012, Jennifer Ann Ryan, Good Things Come:
      “I've never been to a Yulefest celebration, but I really would like the opportunity to celebrate the birth of Christ in a special way right now. I don't think I was quite as thankful as I should have been last Christmas.”
    • 2015, D.B. Tait, Cold Deception:
      It might be June, but Yulefest was a great money spinner in the Mountains with the punters wanting a pretend White Christmas. And they might just get it. Snow was forecast and the wind was howling outside. It was going to be a cold winter.


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