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From Late Latin abacinātus, perfect passive participle of abacinō; possibly formed from ab (off) + bacīnum (a basin) or bacīnus. Probably cognate with modern Italian abbacinare (to dazzle).


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  • (UK) IPA(key): /æbˈæsɪneɪt/


abacinate (third-person singular simple present abacinates, present participle abacinating, simple past and past participle abacinated)

  1. (transitive, rare) To blind by holding a red-hot metal rod or plate before the eyes
    • 1905, James M. Ludlow, Sir Raoul, page 233:
      "You young scapegrace," said Dandolo, "I will myself abacinate you — in the Venetian way." "How's that?" "Blind your eyes with the glare, not of hot irons, but of new ducats. Count your pile."
    • 1945, Robert Hardy Andrews, Burning Gold[1], page 196:
      Their straining eyes abacinated by the cup of terror, their throats stopped, their powers dead within them, they hung breathless, motionless.
    • 1986, Jeff Hanneman (lyrics and music), “Angel of Death”, in Reign in Blood, performed by Slayer:
      Abacinate, eyes that bleed, praying for the end of your wide awake nightmare.
    • 1999, Srinivas Aravamudan, Tropicopolitans, →ISBN, page 220:
      This chiasmic image of the subject's imperviousness suggests a sensory deprivation beyond sublimity, like that of abacinated anti-epistemology.

Derived terms[edit]





  1. second-person plural present active imperative of abacinō