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  1. present participle of ablaut


ablauting (not comparable)

  1. (linguistics) experiencing an ablaut
    • 2004, Benjamin W. Fortson, Indo-European language and culture[1], page 77:
      PIE nouns, adjectives, and verbs can be divided into two basic groups based on their inflectional patterns: those that had an ablauting short vowel, e or o (in shorthand -e/o-), directly before the inflectional endings (the case-endings in nouns or adjectives, the personal endings in verbs), and those with no such vowel.


ablauting (uncountable)

  1. (linguistics) the process of vowel turning into its ablaut variant
    • 2000, Richard V. Teschner & Eston Evans, Analyzing the grammar of English[2], page 48:
      As an irregular verb, however, its past tense form is characterized by ablauting ('any vowel change that alternates') in which /e/ -> /o/ (/brek/ -> /brok/) and its past participle form is characterized by both ablauting and /(e)n/ addition.