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abrade +‎ -er



abrader (plural abraders)

  1. Something that abrades; a tool or machine for abrading. [First attested in the mid-19th century.]
    • 1856, H. A. Dewar, Actuating Mechanism for Rotating Tools, Patent dated 1 March, 1856, in The Practical Mechanic’s Journal, Volume I, p. 232,[1]
      [] provision is made for the attachment thereto of various operating tools, such, for example, as drills, saws, grindstones, polishers, and cutters, or abraders or shapers of various kinds.
    • 2012, G. Domokos and G. W. Gibbons, “The evolution of pebble size and shape in space and time,” arXiv:1109.5707 [physics.geo-ph], p. 2,[2]
      The physical assumption underlying Firey’s model is that the abraded particle (pebble) undergoes a series of small collisions with a very large, smooth abrader, and this might be the case when pebbles are carried by a fast river and collied repeatedly with the riverbed []
    1. (archaeology) A primitive artifact made of sandstone used for smoothing, sharpening, or shaping.
      • 1993, Nan McNutt and Marilyn Jesmain, Passages: An Archaeology Timeline of Southeast Alaska, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Alaska Region,[3]
        5,000 years ago the people of Southeast Alaska began grinding bone on a sandy stone called an abrader to form the desired shape and sharpness.
    2. (medicine) A surgical instrument used to abrade bone or other tissue.
      a cartilage abrader; a corneal abrader

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