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a- +‎ chromo- +‎ trich- +‎ -ia


achromotrichia (uncountable)

  1. The absence (or loss) of pigmentation in the hair.
    • 1942, Mary Louise Johnson, The physiological effects of egg white in the diet, page 59:
      Severe achromotrichia (graying) and alopecia (loss of hair) were produced in weanling and adult black mice []
    • 1987, Vitamin Tolerance of Animals[1], page 67:
      Most pantothenic acid-deficient laboratory animals exhibit dermatitis, achromotrichia, and nasal porphyrin excretion.
    • 2006, Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats[2], page 231:
      Clinical signs of biotin deficiency include accumulation of salivary, nasal, and lachrymal secretions, progressive alopecia, achromotrichia, dermatitis, body weight loss, and diarrhea in the terminal stages of the deficiency.