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Shortening from advertising magazine.


admag (plural admags)

  1. (UK, television, dated) A television programme in which actors advertise real products in a fictional setting.
    • 1980, Jo Gable, The Tuppenny Punch and Judy Show: 25 Years of TV Commercials, page 74
      The admag was unique to Britain, and there was a kind of backdoor bravado about them in the way every admag transmission cheekily bumped up the amount of advertising per clock hour.
    • 2007, Rob Turnock, Television and Consumer Culture: Britain and the Transformation of Modernity, page 145
      This particular admag focused on a married couple who ran a pub in the fictional village of Wembleham, and they would discuss the price and quality of various real consumer products with their customers.
    • 2007, Su Holmes, "A friendly style of presentation which the BBC has always found elusive?", published in Re-viewing Television History: Critical Issues in Television Historiography, page 75
      [] ABC operated under the same advertising structures as the BBC when it came to programme material – the parameters of which had been tested by the controversy surrounding the advertising magazine, or 'admag'.