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ad- +‎ mix


admix (third-person singular simple present admixes, present participle admixing, simple past and past participle admixed)

  1. (transitive) To mingle with something else; to mix.
    • 2011, David Munchin, Is Theology a Science?:
      Therefore in our account of the development of their intellectual ideas, we also admix pertinent personal details.
    • 2012, Stephen Spotte, Societies of Wolves and Free-ranging Dogs, page 1:
      They have 78 chromosomes, and all are known to admix.



admix (plural admixes)

  1. The act of admixing.
    • 2014, Michael Sandborn, Nataliya Vatsyayana, A Rosetta Stone: The Universal Harmonic Language Model, page 48:
      In light (vision) the admix results in white and in pigments the admix results in grey.
  2. The mixture that results from admixing, especially an alloy.
    • 2011, George A. Freedman, Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry, page 337:
      In the late 1990s metal-reinforced glass ionomers were introduced for use as core buildups. These contain a silver alloy admix.