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Borrowed from Latin aduncus.



adunc (comparative more adunc, superlative most adunc)

  1. (usually of a nose) Curved inward, hooked.
    • 1823, “On Vampyrism”, in The New Monthly Magazine[1], volume 5, page 142:
      There was altogether something repulsive to sympathy about this old Shylock; and whether or not from any involuntary associations connected with his known profession (which certainly of itself might entitle him to succeed to the distinction of the monks, whom Voltaire called the modern vampyres), or more, as we believe, from his red hollow cheeks, adunc nose, and small appetite for butchers' meat, we wrote this man down in our imagination a Vampyre.
    • 1901, George Saintsbury, The earlier Renaissance[2], page 113:
      From Horace and Persius downward there have been two satiric manners - one that of the easy well-bred or would-be well-bred man of the world who suspends everything on the adunc nose and occasionally scratches with still more adunc claws; the other that of the indignant moralist reproving the corruptions of the time.
    • 2011, A. E. Shipley, 'J.' a Memoir of John Willis Clark[3], page 238:
      “My dear Walter,” he replied, “I suspend it on my adunc nose.”