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  1. hook (rod bent into a curved shape)
  2. hook (fishhook)
  3. hook (boxing punch)
  4. (idiomatic) addiction; used in inessive, elative and illative similarly to English hooked(unable to resist or cease doing):
    Olen koukussa Conan O'Brienin ohjelmaan.
    I'm hooked on the Conan O' Brien show.
  5. (typography) cedilla, hook (loop shaped like a hook under certain written letters)
  6. (slang) police


Inflection of koukku (Kotus type 1/valo, kk-k gradation)
nominative koukku koukut
genitive koukun koukkujen
partitive koukkua koukkuja
illative koukkuun koukkuihin
singular plural
nominative koukku koukut
accusative nom. koukku koukut
gen. koukun
genitive koukun koukkujen
partitive koukkua koukkuja
inessive koukussa koukuissa
elative koukusta koukuista
illative koukkuun koukkuihin
adessive koukulla koukuilla
ablative koukulta koukuilta
allative koukulle koukuille
essive koukkuna koukkuina
translative koukuksi koukuiksi
instructive koukuin
abessive koukutta koukuitta
comitative koukkuineen


Derived terms[edit]